Txikito: Spanish Basque Cuisine

Owners Alex Raij and her husband Eder Mantero are the masters of everything tapas. Together they have graced New York, New York with their reasonably priced, incredibly accurate and exquisitely delicious Spanish tapas. If you have come to New York to experience some of the best cuisine in the world then Txikito ought to be your first stop.

Txikito’s Inspiration

Eder Montero and his wife Alexandra Raij left their positions in highly acclaimed restaurants to create their own. Their goal was to write and cook their own love letter to Spanish cuisine. Inspired the simple, distinct flavors of the region Eder and Alexandra use fresh ingredients and impeccable techniques to bring the flavors of Spain to life. Together they have the power to use overlooked ingredients like beans and peppers and elevate them into dishes even the most wisened New Yorker can appreciate. At Txikito it isn’t about trying to reinvent flavors but rather pay homage to the flavors generations before us have cultivated over time. Using the same techniques grandma would have used in her Spanish kitchen, Eder and Alexandria infuse their high cuisine experience to create an unforgettable meal of finger foods.

Basque, the region of Spain that inspired Txikito, is famous for all of the diverse ways food is enjoyed. Within their menu the customer has the opportunity to try everything from simplified bar foods to outstanding, original dishes. Only Txikito can offer their guests an up to date, cutting edge outlet for austere while still being able to maintain a sensual approach to everything they cook. No meal is complete, however, without a well thought out wine list, directly inspired by Basque itself. Every drink they serve will be presented to the guest in the same glassware you would find in a traditional Basque home. The drink you ordered in the spring is not the same as the one you will find in the fall as Txikito changes their drink specials with the season, based on what is available locally. It is important to both Eder and Alexandria that all of their drinks and dishes be “green” and responsible.

Txikito’s World

Txikito offers the most genuine Basque dining experience you can find…short of traveling to Basque yourself. When you enter Txikito, don’t expect chandeliers or waiters in suits. Instead, find comfort in the homey environment. The walls are embellished with vintage clapboard and the chairs are nothing more than gray wood. Don’t let the simplicity fool you, however. Txikito’s dishes are anything but ordinary. For instance, the tuna sandwich is nothing like the tuna sandwich your mom makes at home. This crispy little morsel is comprised of savory, fatty tuna only Spain could produce. Then there is the incredibly salty, melt in your mouth delicious fatty lamb chops. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous with your cuisine, Txikito offers blood sausage, prepared into crunchy balls perfect for snacking. You absolutely cannot forget about the foie gras, a staple in Spanish tapas restaurants. Txikito takes foie gras to the next level, however, when they cover it in violet gelee.