Fun Ways for Foodies to Celebrate Earth Day

You don’t need to be a foodie to celebrate earth day, you just need to be conscious of your surroundings. This is our only planet that we have to live on, so we need to protect it in every way that we can think of. Many times common sense can be your guide, but for others there has to be some straight forward guidelines. The objective is to keep the earth strong and clean, so look at your own life to see how you can do things differently to help save the world. Here are a few fun ways for foodies to celebrate earth day.

Commune together

Create a community garden that everyone in the community can benefit from. Fill it with fruits and vegetables that can be harvested for food and plant flowers for beautification of the park and the homes. If there is space for a few benches and a play area, make it a place for everyone to come and enjoy.

Recycle Art

Have an art exhibition for recycled art work and have organic fruits and veggies at the reception.  Show your support by having a fresh smoothie bar or juice bar to keep everyone full of earthly delights from the land, as they enjoy the art. Use the leftovers in the compost.

Have a fund raiser

How about turning your old stuff into food? Pick a charity that will feed others such as a food bank, a church, Feed the Child, or some local organization. Have a community yard sale and donate the proceeds to the organization instead of using it to buy more stuff.

Plant a tree

The most popular thing to do is plant a tree. Did you ever think about the kind of tree you will be planting? How about planting a tree that will produce food, such as an apple tree, peach tree, cherry tree, or pear tree? Not only will it produce clean air but it will also provide us with food too.

Dig a well

There was a time when bottled water did not exist and all we had was well water. In other places around the world, they don’t even have clean water to drink. Do some research and choose a deserving place to help them have clean water to drink by helping them dig a well. You can make a donation or go to the country yourself to help out. You can make a difference in the world with your efforts.


You don’t have to do anything big to help the earth. It’s the little things that you do every day that really count. Use glass instead of plastic, recycle those tires and plastic bags, walk or ride your bike instead of driving, the list goes on. Eat organic instead of pesticide laden foods.