Ben & Jerry’s Reveals Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Plans for New Ice Cream Unveiled

Are you among those who can’t tolerate milk? Ben & Jerry’s will soon have the perfect ice cream for you.

Ben & Jerry’s is a company that produces ice cream, sorbet, and frozen yogurt. In a recent move, the company revealed its plans to launch a new range of dairy-free tubs early next year.

Co-founder Jerry Greenfield revealed that the new product would use almond or coconut milk as the base instead of cows’ milk.

During an interview, Greenfield expressed optimism about the expected launch and hoped its fans would appreciate the non-dairy alternative. However, the company didn’t release any details concerning the product, for instance, the brand’s signature.

The anticipated launch comes nearly a year following a petition by a couple from Charlottesville. The online petition, which sought non-dairy options, earned more than 27,000 signatures.

According to reports, the producer takes pride in responding to consumer wishes. Media reports further reveal that the company has already launched three ice cream flavors proposed by fans. The flavors-Cookie Dough, Cherry Garcia, and Chunky Monkey have reportedly been enormous hits.

According to various sources, customers should expect the new line next year in the U.S., followed briefly by the U.K.  

Other Flavors Proposed by Fans

Cookie Dough

In 1986, Ben & Jerry’s considered the inclusion of cookie dough in their ice cream following a proposal by a fan. On this occasion, an anonymous fan recommended the addition of cookie dough on a suggestion board hosted by the company.

At the time, the idea was radical and the flavor was tricky to produce. Furthermore, their machines couldn’t accommodate the big dough chunks.

Consequently, they had to cut the chunks by hand and toss them into the vanilla ice cream. However, the company attained chunk feeder precision five years later. Currently, the flavor is doing well after implementing a few secret methods.

Chunky Monkey

A college student in New Hampshire suggested the taste sensation in 1988. The flavor comprises banana ice cream with walnuts and fudge chunks.

Cherry Garcia

The naming of this flavor occurred in 1987 for the renowned guitarist, Jerry Garcia. The flavor arose after one of the company’s fans sent the idea via a postcard.

Cherry Garcia has since been the most famous fan-suggested flavor. The company uses pure cream from thriving farmlands to make the ice cream sumptuous and smooth.

Ben &Jerry’s History

Jerry Greenfield and Ben Chen were childhood friends who completed a correspondence ice cream course in 1977. In 1978, the two partners launched an ice cream parlor with a $12,000 investment; they opened the parlor in a refurbished gas station in Burlington.

In 1979, they held the first-ever free cone day to mark their anniversary. The day has since become a global annual celebration. In 1980, the partners rented space in on South Champlain Street and began packing ice cream in pints.

In 1981, they opened the first franchise on Route 7 in Vermont. In 2000, they sold the company to Unilever though the headquarter remains in Burlington, Vermont.

In conclusion, vegans and lactose intolerant persons tend to miss a great treat-ice cream. The good news is that Ben & Jerry’s have finally decided to consider their needs, so watch out for the upcoming alternative.