Best Wine Bars in NYC

What’s better to do in the wintertime in NYC than hunker down in a great wine bar for the evening, drinking and chatting away with friends? We think there are little things better in life, so we’ve done the research to introduce you to the best wine bars in NYC.

The Saint Austere

Head to the artsy Williamsburg district of Brooklyn to visit an unpretentious, cozy wine bar that’s cost affordable and full of quality wines. Staff is informed and helpful when you need them to be, and the tasty bar eats (like creamy polenta with sausage and onions) pair perfectly with their recommendation.

Ten Bells

Consider yourself a wine expert? Ten Bells is your spot, as it’s jam-packed with informed wino’s who appreciate natural, organic and bio-dynamic wines. Those who venture over to Ten Bells are ready to discuss their top picks, and may project a little snootiness towards those who can’t keep up. If you can keep your conversation at a minimum, you’ll sneak by and learn a lot from the bartenders, who can steer your samplings and purchases in a positive direction based on the information you relay about what you do know and what you do like. One last notable mention for this one? It’s all French wines, so don’t make the mistake of asking for anything else.


Those who love wine but can’t quite get past the highfalutin snobs who frequent them will fall in love with Terroir, who’s main purpose is to inject sarcasm and humor in place of frivolous information and snobbery. Don’t get us wrong – the vast wine list is great, especially when paired with the outstanding bar snacks created by a five star chef – you just will enjoy it with a smirk on your face, rather than forced conversation about the notes and scents ruminating from your glass. Bottom line? It’s all the sophistication from a wine bar like Ten Bells, with unexpected, self-deprecating sarcasm (as noted in the menu).


Corkbuzz is a wine bar that’s constantly buzzing with business professionals because of it’s conveniently located Union Station location. It’s a great, busy spot for groups of people – professionals, friends, or both – to enjoy nice wines while grubbing on bar snacks like bone-marrow crostini. Wines from around the world are promoted by informed bar tenders, who generously offer information before you even ask. Like what you experience and want a little more? Sign up for a Corkbuzz wine class, where experts teach you at length about wines and great food pairings.

You’re certainly not at a loss when it comes to wine bars in NYC, in fact you have a plethora to choose from. So, when you’re looking to hunker down for an afternoon or evening that includes some great wine, look no further than this list of the best wine bars in NYC.