Russia Restaurant: Russian Cuisine

Have you heard? There is a rumor in Los Angeles that Russia Restaurant has the perfect fusion of authentic Russian cuisine to fuse with American and European fare. For the past twenty years, Russia Restaurant has called Los Angeles home. The Los Angeles community has embraced Russia Restaurant as the perfect place to bring their friends and family for a relaxing evening of high quality, affordable food. Now with a completely renovated space, now is the perfect time to try Russia Restaurant for yourself!

Russia Restaurant: A Fixture of the Community

Reservations are always recommended at Russia Restaurant. Why? Because Russia Restaurant doesn’t just offer high quality food, Russia Restaurant has made it their business to provide their customers with a home away from home. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday they bring in live and local music and entertainment for the entire community to enjoy with their meal. Their efforts to include local artists is just another example of how Russia Restaurant goes out of their way to support every facet of their community, not just by simply providing some of the best Russian cuisine Los Angeles has to offer.

Of course, their menu is what ultimately draws the public in. No matter what your budget is, Russia Restaurant has the perfect meal to wet your whistle and keep you coming back for more. Their menu includes a section for cold appetizers (a favorite in Russia), hot appetizers (a favorite in europe), main courses and, of course, dessert. Out of their cold appetizers there are a few stand outs.

As in all restaurants you have your standard assorted meats and cheese plates but at Russia Restaurant, they don’t just stop there. They also offer crab salad with eal for extra briny flavor. They have red and black caviar with blini. They even offer veal, marinated tongue. Once you decide to go on an adventure with your meal, you will be surprised by the delicious rewards you reap. Out of the hot appetizers they waste no time. You won’t find any spinach and artichoke dip here. Instead, dive into your first ever dish of xachapuri.

Xachapuri, also known as khachapuri is a their version of a cheese plate but nothing like you’ve ever had before in the states. Think about pizza, not imagine it as a buttery, savory, melt in your mouth appetizer. That is just how xachapuri feels on your first bite. Comprised of cheese, eggs and butter, its hard to imagine finding anything not to like. Out of their main dishes you have your choice of shish kebabs, lamb chops or even a sturgeon kebab. Make sure you leave some room for dessert. Their crepes with sour cherries cannot be missed.

Stay as Long as You Want

Russians would generally order a banquet style meal which means you can get all of this food for one fixed price. That includes cold appetizers, hot appetizers, the main course and dessert at no extra cost to you. Russia Restaurant not only offers this option to their guests but they encourage it. Once you have eaten your fill you are given the opportunity to lounge for as long as you like, eating, sharing, drinking and even smoking. Russia Restaurant is not too dissimilar to a 1980’s Russian disco complete with a mural and live entertainment.