Zerda Café: Algerian Cuisine

The Zerda Cafe is steeped in rich history as well as smothered in rich food. While Algerian cuisine might not be the most sought after dishes, the Zerda Cafe presents their guests with dishes that are undeniably delicious despite their little known origins. For a warm, affordable and flawless dining experience, look no further than Zerda Cafe.

The History

The Zerda Cafe paved the way for all Algerian restaurants in Paris. As one of the firsts to be built in 1946, the Zerda Cafe provided all of Paris with an authentic setting for southern Algerian cuisine. The owner, who originally named the restaurant “El Golea,” wanted to pay tribute to his hometown by creating a menu and a space that reminded him of his time in Algeria. He designed the space to resemble the neo-Moorish Deco designs of the 1920s. Within the design he included a mural which he hoped would invoke a feeling of “victory” for anyone who viewed it.

Since its construction the Zerda Cafe has become a premiere location for events and lovers of North African cuisine. The restaurant is located within walking distance of the theatre district and so has received many famous actors, including Gabin, as their guests. With nearly ten decades of experience, the Zerda Cafe hopes to provide high quality Algerian cuisine for many more generations to come.

The Reviews

Both the Zerda Cafe, Paris 10 and the Zerda Cafe, Paris 17 have been hailed as the most luxurious restaurants the neighborhoods have to offer. Each restaurant has the exact same menu and the same painstaking care and consideration for each of their dishes. Jaffar Achour and his son are the chefs to thank for these exquisite dishes. The dynamic duo pride themselves on their perfectionist tendencies which show up in each and every one of their dishes. The plates that tend to stand out are their Kebabs which don’t just include lamb chops but also meatballs and sausages which are then are smothered in a steaming broth and enhanced with kofta spices, garlic, parsley and cilantro.

Each and everyone of Zerda Cafe’s dishes include the richest meets and the freshest vegetables. There is also the seffa sweet couscous embellished with raisins, biscuits, dates, pistachios and almonds which is nothing short of an ingenious desert. While many restaurants struggle with the execution of couscous, Zerda Cafe specializes in it. In fact their chef, Frederick E. Grasser Herme was the 2008 world champion in couscous and has even written a book on the food.

So if you are looking for the very best couscous in Paris and perhaps even the world, the Zerda Cafe is the only place you will ever have to go. If you won’t go for the couscous then absolutely go for the atmosphere. The Zerda Cafe sends you right back to 1920’s Algeria with its flickering lanterns and soft red velvet seats. Just be sure you don’t nod off to sleep after you enjoy your big delicious meal.