Kosher in Rome: Kosher Cuisine     

At Kosher in Rome aka Baghetto Kosher it is truly a family affair. Established by Ester and Amram Dabush in the 1980’s they grew their reputation for beautifully prepared Kosher meats as well as some of the best Italian wines available in all of Italy. The restaurant has since been passed down to their children Avi, Ilan and Eran Amit who have dedicated themselves to upholding their parents legacy. For a lovingly prepared Kosher cuisine look no further than Kosher in Rome.

A Legacy of Quality

Kosher in Rome is the second instalment of the Amit family restaurants.  Esther and Amram Dabush originally developed the Baghetto Kosher together in the 1980s. They then went on to create Kosher in Rome with their sons Avi, Ilan and Eran. Now that they have retired, Avi has become the manager and Ilan and Eran help run and develop the restaurant. In 2010 they reimagined Kosher in Rome to provide the public with only the highest quality Jewish-Roman cuisine with a touch of middle eastern flair. Each of their meats are selected by the chef under the guiding hand of a Rabbinate of Rome.

Their pasta is made by hand and mixed with DeCecco flour. Then they top it all off with the very best Italian and Israelites Kosher wines. They have decorated the restaurant in such a way that you can relax in a comfortable environment while simultaneously enjoying the lush luxury of a fashionable, contemporary space. When you come to Kosher in Rome you can expect to receive delectable Kosher cuisine, enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and get the best value for your budget. All you have to do is get on to metro B or walk to La Sapienza University where the restaurant is located. Kosher in Rome will have their doors open and ready to welcome you.


Nothing speaks to a restaurant’s quality more accurately than the food itself. Kosher in Rome offers a wide variety of appetizers, first course dishes, cous cous plates, main courses, grilled foods and desserts. If you pace yourself you could very well indulge in six courses and love every single one of them. In the appetizers you have your choice of a dozen small dishes to share. Perhaps you are interested in a little hummus and pine nuts, smothered in chickpea sauce with pine kernels. Or maybe a Burik egg (aka a puff pastry stuffed with an egg) seems like just the dish to excite you for your meal.

Once you have enjoyed your appetizer you can move on to your first course of tonnarelli with artichokes and bottarga tonnarelli pasta accented with mullet roe and artichokes. If that sounds a bit rich for your taste you can always try one of their cous cous dishes, like the Mafrum which includes two meatballs of spiced meat and potatoes. Thats only your second course. On your main course try the fried lamb chops on top of a bed of arugula. Perhaps you want something piping hot off the grill, like the Meorav Yerushalmi which has heart, liver and chicken meat combined with onion. Hope you saved room for dessert because they have a tart cream and cherries made of wild cherries held inside a custard tart. Reserve your place tonight on their website!