Mangal 1 Ocakbasi Restaurant: Turkish Cuisine

Mangual 1 Ocakbasi Restaurant is widely believed to be the best Turkish Ocakbasi restaurant in all of East London and with a menu this good, it is hard to debate. In fact, Mangal was awarded the best Turkish Restaurant award by the Time Out Magazine. Come to Mangal 1 to experience Turkish cuisine at its very best, then stay and enjoy the flesh and modern atmosphere.

The Ocakbasi Way

In Turkey, ocakbasi restaurant’s are enjoyed while people are already out, rather than going out specifically to eat at a restaurant. This is practically the exact opposite way anyone in East London eats and perhaps that is precisely what needs to change. Mangal 1 wanted to bring this philosophy into the English consciousness the only way they knew how: by providing their guests with nothing but the very best Turkish Cuisine in East London. Since 1990, Mangal has been giving East Londoners an environment to contribute to their night out, rather than direct it. This means no extra frills, no gimmicks. Just good, honest food, perfect for Londoners on a mission to have a great night.

No matter what your evening includes, Mangal can make it even better with their selection of refrigerated items on display to meet your whims. Mangal offers a long list of take away foods you can grab, go and enjoy but they also offer an even longer list of kebabs you can savor from just right above the counter. Magal 1 keeps their ocakbasi restaurant completely authentic with a true open charcoal grill, just like the ones you would see in person when you spend time in Turkey. The ultimate goal is to provide their customers with a comfortable, welcoming place for Londoners to enjoy with friends and meet new friends. Everything is made fresh every day so you get to try something new and authentic every time you visit.

When you go into Mangal 1 you won’t be welcomed with a flashy space or a restaurant meant to relax in. In fact, they want you to get out of their restaurant as fast as they can. That is part of the appeal of ocakbasi restaurants. You order, it’s cooked and you are on your merry way! When you enter Mangal 1 you will be welcomed by a large refrigerator full of raw kebabs just ready to throw on the grill. Once you find the kebab of your dreams, Mangal 1 will toss it on to the steamy ocak grill. This grill is a turkish grill that amounts to a hot table, smothered in simmering stews that their own home made braises.

While your kebab is grilled right in front of your very eyes, enjoy a side of hot pide and sac breads to go with your starter of lentil soup of cacik filled with fresh garlic. Their ezme dish has won awards for the roasted flavor of aubergine mixed with olive oil, home grown tomatoes, green herbs and spicy peppers. While Mangal 1 goes out of their way to create new, flesh dishes every day, you can rest assured your old favorites will be at arm’s reach. There will always be a kebab comprised of marinated lamb cubes, grilled and served with a salad.