The French Cafe: French Cuisine

The French Cafe in Newton, Auckland and New Zealand is one of those rare establishments that combine sophisticated dining with delicious food created with love. Perhaps the warmth of the restaurant stems from the love and affection this husband and wife team has for one another. Perhaps the rich atmosphere is rooted their appreciation for only the best french cuisine combined with Australian culture. Or perhaps the French Cafe is such a success because of its highly experienced and dedicated staff. Whatever the reason, the French Cafe is the premiere establishment for any fine dining occasion.

The Staff

The French Cafe, while revered for its menu, is even more famous for its hospitality. It all begins with Creghan Molloy Wright. Creghan is the owner of the French Cafe and also the force to thank for its creation. Upon conceptualizing the French Cafe, Creghan decided that she wanted to create a restaurant that combined professional service with effortless hospitality. She achieved this goal by handcrafting a warm, inviting atmosphere to relax and enjoy one’s meal while simultaneously recruiting only the finest staff in all of Newton, Auckland and New Zealand.

Restaurant Manager and Executive Chef Simon Wright made a name for himself in Europe’s most highly acclaimed hotels. He later moved on to Michelin Star restaurants where his modern french recipes became highly sought after. At the French Cafe, Simon combines his cutting edge technique with classic elements that cannot be denied. He prides himself on his ability to bring out the exact, freshest and finest flavors out of each of his ingredients. Each of his ingredients are acquired locally from farmers he personally knows and trusts. Each of his menus are developed based on which ingredients are in season so you know whatever meal you chose will be made with only the freshest materials.

The Restaurant

Naturally, you’re ready to try the French Cafe for yourself but you would like to know more about your options. Simon can start you off with his Chef’s Tasting which includes a six course tasting as well as an a la carte menu. This menu was developed so the patron could enjoy four courses of the most luxurious french food. When you enter the French Care you have you option of sitting in one of three areas.

Each area can hold up to eighty people which only goes to show how exclusive the French Cafe is on any given night. Before you sit down to your meal you can enjoy a drink at the casual and comfortable bar, perfect for people watching and chit chat. In the conservatory room all diners are able to gaze out at the courtyard. The courtyard is also open to dine in on during the warmer months of the year.

In the French Kitchen you can enjoy a private dining space to relax and enjoy your closest friends. There you are able to see the edible garden and courtyard. It is no wonder why the French Cafe has been awarded multiple times throughout the years for outstanding fine dining at atmosphere.