Versailles: Cuban Cuisine

Versailles is a landmark restaurant located in Little Havana, Miami. The eating establishment seats approximately 370 people and features a takeout area, bakery, a counter window, and the capacity to host parties and banquets.

Since its establishment, the restaurant has gained popularity among tourists and locals alike. If you wish to know more about the famous restaurant, check this out.


In 1971, Felipe Valls Sr. opened the famous restaurant, which was formerly a café counter and small sandwich shop with a couple of tables.

Versailles rapidly became the gathering spot and informal town square for Cuban exiles. Today, the restaurant has since gained popularity owing to its cuisine, and is usually the first place local politicians visit to gain support from the exile community.

Moreover, the establishment is a favorite among the media fraternity for gathering footage and commentary of the community’s take on political and social issues. Consequently, it isn’t uncommon to see national, local, and international media set up at the parking lot.


For over 40 years, the establishment has served authentic Cuban food, earning its mark as an iconic establishment.

Additionally, the restaurant has constantly received acclamation for Cuban cuisine since its opening. Today, patrons visit the restaurant for its traditional dishes, particularly the classic Cubano.

Its extensive menu comprises appetizers such as croquetas and lunch items such as Cuban sandwiches. You’ll also find that the restaurant serves various seafood, pork, chicken, and meat entrees, all of which are available with sides such as black beans and rice or fried sweet plantains.

Versailles serves breakfast daily, featuring a unique buffet on Sundays. During lunchtime, you could stop by the take-out to grab a traditional sandwich. You can also enjoy traditional meals such as shredded beef served with a mix of white rice and black beans.

There’s no need to miss out on the restaurant simply because you’re avoiding gluten or fat. You’ll appreciate that the restaurant offers various choices that can accommodate your dietary requirements. Make sure you take your kids with you because they’ll also find the menu appealing.

At Versailles, you can plan a night out with friends, family and coworkers. Bear in mind that large parties are welcome and a private room is accessible for use.

It’s also important you make a reservation in a timely manner. Fortunately, the establishment offers reasonable prices and a typical meal is below $30. Versailles serves, breakfast, dinner, and lunch, so you can check it out whenever it’s convenient.

Cuban Sandwich

Versailles is not only popular for its authentic cuisine but also its sandwich, which has become an iconic treat in Miami.

The classic sandwich comprises sweet ham, Swiss cheese, and yellow mustard. You’ll find the Cubano sandwich highly tasty especially since the bread is freshly baked. These sandwiches are very popular and sell easily at the restaurant.  Versailles’ menu is distinctly traditional and the sandwich is no exception.

In conclusion, Cuban’s influence on Miami culture has shown growth over the years, particularly in its culinary offerings. If you’re seeking authentic Cuban cuisine, don’t miss the chance to try out Versailles.