The Hottest New Restaurants to Try This Summer

New eateries are popping up everywhere these days and no matter how bad the economy is, we will always need food to eat. Food and water are the basic things we need to survive on, so making those things taste unique will get the customers in the seats. Where ever you may live there is some new establishment opening up and hoping that someone will love what they have to offer, and you should at least try it out once so you will know if the critics are full of it or not. Here are a few of the hottest new restaurants to try this summer.

The Local

The snazzy eatery serves breakfast and lunch with organic and vegan ingredients to boot. Started by Sheryl Strong and Chef Rob Mackey, they got their business off the ground with Kickstarter and it has been going strong every day. Located at 520 West Sheldon in Prescott Arizona, they also showcase local artists’ work and you can purchase them right off the wall. Go see the works of Pamela Henry and enjoy a nice meal at the same time.

The Progress

This award winning restaurant is in San Francisco and is already in SF Chronicle’s top 100 restaurants, so the food must be out of this world. It was started by Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski and you can expect great cocktails as well as decadent dishes. Go see what’s for dinner at .

The Wayfarer

New York City can boast about this hot new place in The Quin hotel, and how much it brings back memories of the local club scene back in the day. Chef Braden Reardon has orchestrated a steak and seafood menu that will not disappoint, and the cocktails are created by Christian Sanders who is famous for the Evelyn Drinkery. Go to to see what’s on the menu.

Fig & Olive

With a name like that it has to be good. Mediterranean food kicked in high gear with dishes such as zucchini Carpaccio and three choices of olive oil at your finger tips, Chicago is the place to eat good food. The décor will make you feel as if you are smack dab in the French Riviera and having one amazing vacation in your mouth. Chef Pascal Lorange is not playing around and intends to leave a major impression on your soul.

Buena Onda

A great restaurant serving people and a great cause, what more can you ask for? Tasty Mexican food orchestrated by Jose Garces with some of the proceeds going toward the Garces Foundation. Philadelphia has an angel on board to help with the immigrant communities, and the love is felt by everyone who eats here. Go to to find out more about this great place.