Ukrainian Restaurant: Ukrainian Cuisine

The city of Windsor can be found in the southernmost region of Canada. Known best for its contribution to the automotive industry, Windsor, Ontario is gaining an even more impressive reputation for the history and culture it provides for its citizens, most notably the Ukrainian Restaurant. The Ukrainian restaurant combines authentic Ukrainian cuisine with the kind of customer service generally reserved for friends and family. For a meal you’ll never forget made in a restaurant that feels like home, there is no other choice than the Ukrainian Restaurant in Windsor, Ontario.

Anna of Yugoslavia

Fifty years ago Anna arrived in Windsor from Yugoslavia. Ukrainian Restaurant had already been opened in 1921 but when the owners became too old to maintain it themselves any longer, she bought it from them and made it her own. Since the 1960’s Anna has devoted herself to making the most authentic Ukrainian food available to the citizens of Windsor, despite the fact that she herself is not Ukrainian. The original owners, after having sold the location to Anna gave her their blessing to make it her own just so long as she didn’t change the name or the menu.

If she did, they warned her that she was sure to lose all of their customers. So Anna kept her promise and continues to make the exact same Ukrainian menu the original owners had developed in the 1920’s only with her own Slovak-style flair. Anna doesn’t just make the food, she is also the first person you will speak to when you step into Ukrainian Restaurant. She impressively speaks multiple languages, even Ukrainian…just so long as you don’t speak Ukrainian too quickly.

Just Like How Grandma Made It

Anna goes above and beyond to make her guest feel welcome. The guest who arrive late aren’t scolded and their table isn’t given away. On the contrary, their preferred soups are ready and waiting for them when they arrive so they can dive right in and start enjoying their meals immediately. The guests who arrive early are welcomed with the the smell of home cooked food that wraps you up in a big hug of aroma. The restaurant itself fist inside a residential building on a residential street, only with a large sign letting you know you have, in fact, arrived at the Ukrainian Restaurant.

Its location feels all the more appropriate because of how fantastically warm and homey the interior and the food itself is. Stepping back in time, you are able to taste the same delicious Ukrainian cuisine that was eaten lifetimes ago. Some of the most exciting dishes include the beet borsch and the savory potato and cheese pierogies. For a hearty meal, perfect for sticking to your bones, try the beef stew and chicken noodle soup. These dishes are sure to keep you warm all day long, just like grandma used to do with her meals. Just make sure you stay for the desserts. Ukrainian desserts are as sweet as they are unique and, of course, Anna always has a creative Slovick spin to share through her dishes.