Tony Packo’s Café: Hungarian Cuisine

Tony Packo’s Café is a restaurant that began in Birmingham’s Hungarian neighborhood on the east side of Ohio. It gained fame when it was mentioned in numerous M*A*S*H* episodes. Furthermore, it has become notable for its signature sandwich and huge collection of celebrity-signed hot dog buns.

This café will excite your senses with their world-renowned menu and buns exhibited on café walls. You can enjoy the delectable selection ranging from the signature Chili Hot Dog to the Sweet Hot Pickles.

If you’re in Ohio, check out why you should try a hot dog at Tony Packo’s.


During the 1932 depression, Tony Packo opened his shop with a $100 loan. Originally, the shop sold only ice cream and sandwiches. Tony learned to operate a restaurant business from John, his older brother, who operated a place across Consaul Street.

Since Tony was Hungarian-American and resided in a Hungarian neighborhood, his creation was termed the Hungarian hot dog though no such thing originated from Hungary.

The dish gained popularity rapidly and became an instant hit in the area. By 1935, the resulting success allowed them to purchase their own building; they bought the wedge-shaped building at Front and Consaul.

In 1962, Nancy Packo Horvath took charge of the business when her father became seriously sick. The restaurant’s founder, Tony died at age 55 in 1963.

In 1968, Tony’s son, Packo Jr. joined the business at age 20. The business had a lengthy growth period in the late 60s under the control of Ms. Horvath and her brother. In 1980, the Packos started in the packaged food business after it reached an agreement with Merco Foods.

Bun Signing

In 1972, Burt Reynolds, an actor, paid a visit to Toledo and stopped at Packo’s following Nancy’s recommendation.  Among celebrities, Burt was the first to eat at the renowned restaurant.

Furthermore, he started the “bun signing” tradition when he engraved his autograph on Packo’s bun. Since that precedent, celebrities, including presidential candidates who visit this restaurant sign a bun.

The bun is currently a plastic, airbrushed look-alike. While there, you’ll find the signed buns on Packo’s walls. The “bun signing” tradition continues to date.

The M*A*S*H* Link

Tony’s Café gained fame worldwide when Maxwell Klinger-M*A*S*H character played by Jamie Farr, mentioned the establishment in six episodes. He mentioned it initially in a 1976 episode. The final episode in 1963 also mentioned the restaurant.


Since 1932, Packo’s has gained recognition for its quality service and exceptional food. Currently, you can enjoy its experience through Packo’s Catering.

The business has a full-service staff to work at your occasion. You could opt for a self-service buffet or a simple delivery. Packo’s Catering is available for private parties, corporate events, wedding receptions, theme parties, and more.

Its team can set up virtually anywhere from banquet halls to your backyard. Packo’s caters extensively throughout Southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio.

Banquet Services

Packo’s offers three banquet facilities in Downtown Toledo. The locations are ideal for parties, receptions, and business meetings.

In conclusion, if you’re seeking a local eatery that serves great hot dogs, you should definitely pay a visit at Packo’s.