Habibi Restaurant: Lebanese Cuisine

When Habibi Restaurant says that it has authentic Lebanese cuisine, they mean it. Mazen, the owner of Habibi comes from a long time of Syrian and Lebanese chefs and natives. Thanks to his parents he too was able to develop his understanding of his heritage through the food that they made. Now he has created Habibi to share his heritage and his cuisine with the world.


If you have never tried Lebanese food before, Habibi is your destination for everything delicious. Directly in the heart of Portland, Oregon, Habibi transports their guests from the hip American city to bright and beautiful Syria and Lebanon with a single dish. At Habibi, happy hour lasts all day long. When you enter you can enjoy anything off of their happy hour menu at a fraction of the price you would find anywhere else. For example, you can get an entire plate of either hummus, baba ghannouj, tarator, veggie or beef grape leaves, lebney, tzatziki, tabuli, cabbage rolls and french french fries for only three dollars.

For under three dollars you can get a green salad, falafels or rice. Even fast food restaurants cannot offer their customers such rich, savory savings. All of their pita breads are made on sight and by hand which creates a completely authentic flavor for anyone ready to go on a delicious adventure. Once you come for the savings, you will stay for the fantastic food. Where else can you get home made soups at happy hour prices? These soups include Vegan Lentil or Spinach Lentil Soup for only three dollars, Chicken or Lamb Shawarma Lentil Soup for three dollars or Chicken and or Lamb Shawarma for…you guessed it…three dollars.

The even offer pizzas for the miniscule price of a dollar fifty. Of course, these aren’t like any pizzas you’ve ever seen. At Habibi, you won’t get your standard pepperoni pizza. Instead, you have your choice of spinach, phoenician, shatta, zattar or pesto. Why not try an exciting cultural merge of flavors and see what you think? If you’re already sold on the fantastic culinary options Habibi has to offer then perhaps it is time to share with your friends. Habibi offers a veggie mezza platter with veggie Kabobs perfect for sharing with a special someone. After they try these spectacular flavors you just might earn yourself a second date.


Come for the food but stay for the drinks. Habibi offers an absolutely beautiful bar to relax and enjoy in. Styled impeccably, the bar uses the exposed brick of the building and heightens it with modern lighting, including chandeliers. Once you have yourself nestled under the mood lights, try the authentic Lebanese beer, Almaza. Take in the aroma of lightly roasted barley and grass hops.

Feel the light and frothy nectar with just a hint of an astringent finish, taste the yeast and fruit infused into the fresh grassy hops. If you would like an authentic beverage to go with your authentic meal then Almaza is the easiest, lightest drink to go with your meal.