Yupha’s Thai Kitchen: Thai Cuisine

If you are looking for an authentic Thai cuisine experience, look no further than Yupha’s Thai Kitchen, located in Tempe, Arizona. Yupha’s offers some of the most authentic, unique and distinctive Thai and vegetarian cuisine you’ll find. Yupha, the restaurant owner, uses blends of fresh ingredients and spices that bring out true Thai flavors.

The Owner

Yupha is a very distinguished lady who has chosen to follow her dreams over the years. She moved from Bangkok to the United States over 40 years ago, and worked hard to earn a solid education that included two masters degrees. Beyond graduation, she pursued a long and successful career in banking. Despite the moves, the life changes, and her career development path, Yupha has always had a love and a passion for cooking. As a young lady, she dreamed of opening her own restaurant. Years of education and hard work later, she’s finally made that dream come true with Yupha’s Thai Kitchen. Yupha is now one of the 45 “Best Chef’s in America” – selected out of a nomination of nearly 4,700 chefs.

The Menu

Yuphas Thai KitchenIt takes special talent to blend flavors successfully in order to represent a culture that many have never experienced. Yupha blends sweet, spicy and sour to do just that with her Thai food. The menu boasts several extremely popular entrees, some of the best including: Shrimp Tempura with Tamarind Sauce, all different kinds of chicken, beef, tofu or pork curry, Chicken Pra Ram and Yupha’s special Panang Curry. Enjoy your meals with traditional Thai beverages like Iced Coffee, Jasmine Tea, and Hot Green Tea.

Yupha’s Promise

Having traveled the globe and lived all over, Yupha has seen the earth in many states and has thus seen the importance of preserving it and respecting it as a resource that will tap out if we allow it. For that reason, Yupha has dedicated her restaurant to being an environmentally responsible place that is committed to reducing the amount of unnecessary waste. All the bags and packaging materials they use are bio-degradable and recyclable, and they have taken things a step further by hiring an independent private recycling company to handle their post consumer waste.

If you can find your way to Tempe, Arizona – just outside of Phoenix –  whether you’ve enjoyed Thai food before or not, you’ll want to try Yupha’s Thai Kitchen. The quality of the food, the ingredients and the blends of flavors that she uses will give you an incredible Thai cuisine experience unlike any that you’ve ever had before. Her commitment to excellence in environment sustainability and in being one the Top 45 Chef’s in America speaks for itself, so just wait til you try her Thai food.