Dare We Say: The Best Sandwich Shop In Toronto?

When you’re hungry for a sandwich, chances are you’ll be looking for the nearest Subway, and hoping that they’ll have some chicken or roast beef in stock. However, sometimes your tastes may run a little bit more refined. Where can you go for a decent prosciutto or a goat cheese with truffle? Head on over to La Salumeria, a tiny little delicatessen on Yonge Street in Toronto!

What was first a little grocery shop in disguise, has turned into one of the biggest hidden gems in the area. While you can visit their small grocery for specialty foods from all around the country, there’s a small deli in the back that holds the true treasure. This deli counter is stocked with specialty meats and cheeses from the Mediterranean and Italian areas, and customizes the sandwich to your tastes.


When you first walk into La Salumeria, you’ll be faced with racks upon racks of freshly baked bread for you to choose from. You can choose among baguettes, rolls, sliced breads, and even small loaves! The flavors and types of bread vary from day to day, including homemade focaccia and ciabatta. They are always baked fresh, and contain no preservatives.


Your next step is to bring your chosen bread up to the counter, where the staff will be able to help create your perfect sandwich. They’ll open the bread up for you and suggest meats that go well with the flavor. You’ll get enough meat for two when you finally make your decision!


Finally, your choice of cheese. The options do range from day to day, from goat cheese with truffles to Havarti with jalapeno, but they’re all guaranteed to be great. Again, the staff is more than willing to help you decide based on your previous choices. Still not sure? Don’t worry, they allow you to sample their various cheeses to make a decision! Not a cheese fan? You don’t have to add any cheese if you don’t want!


The staff piles on whatever toppings you want, ensuring that there’s an even spread across the meat and cheese for the perfect blend of flavors. Try some of their perfectly ripe and thinly sliced tomatoes, or an extra slice of jalapeno for an increased spice. Lettuce is always prepped and fresh, and all of their foods are ripe and ready for eating.

No matter what you’re in the mood for, you’ll always find something to eat at La Salumeria. They offer the best sandwiches in town, and are easily passed over by the average passerby. It’s always worth stopping in, if only to check out their options and try a few cheeses. If you do, we can almost guarantee that you’ll end up buying a sandwich! The prices are reasonable for the service you get and the amount of food you walk away with, and the owners try to make sure that everyone leaves happy!

Have you’ve been to La Salumeria in Toronto?

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