RJ’s Bob-Be-Que Shack – Mission, Kansas

When it comes to the Midwest, BBQ is king. However, with so many BBQ joints around town, how can you decide which is better? Surely the chains won’t be better than the down home small businesses, but there’s so many to choose from. When you’re overwhelmed with choices, why not head to Mission, Kansas, where the heart of BBQ rests in RJ’s Bob-Be-Que Shack!

BBQ Meats

Their pride and joy is meat. With a smoker in house and constant supervision, RJ’s offers a consistent selection of freshly smoked meat. They offer such time honored favorites as brisket, wings, chicken, and of course, ribs! Choose from your favorites and combine them with sides to make a meal large enough to force your belt to unbuckle. RJ’s is also proud to state that the owners themselves are constantly involved in the kitchen, cooking and serving! Whether you’ve a hankering for freshly smoked pork or beef, RJ’s is definitely the place to go for a hot and fresh slice.


Some of the best parts about BBQ are the side choices you can get! RJ’s is excited to offer freshly made classics such as mac n’ cheese, potato salad, cole slaw, and French fries. Want something a little different? Try their special sweet potato fries, or their cheesy corn bake! Both of them are made in house by experienced chefs, and are a Bob-Be-Que must on your first visit. Every server will be able to let you know which sides will suit your chosen meats best, and will help you pick out exactly what you want.


While you might be thinking that this is just some little shack in the middle of nowhere, fear not! RJ’s is part of a slice of heaven, complete with a full bar and live music weekly. Now you can experience the best of Kansas while listening to live music and sipping on their famous Bacon Bloody Mary. The Shack is open every day of the week, and has a Happy Hour to help entice you in after a long day at work. Even if you’re not that hungry, order some simple appetizers to munch on while you dance and enjoy the music.

Not only that, but they’ve now open weekend mornings, and offer a delicious brunch menu that’s just a little bit more than pancakes and waffles. Bring in family members and visitors to try them out for breakfast or lunch, and leave “fat and happy,” as one customer said.

Bob’s Dream

This place isn’t just the home of true BBQ, it’s the home of Chef Bob Palmgreen. He spent years as a chef in NYC, but BBQ called to him, and he eventually came back home to Kansas! He’s French trained, and spent 25 years in the fine dining circuit, but he still came home to BBQ. If that doesn’t tell you about the amazing potential of a true home smoked rack of ribs, we don’t know what else will. Let Chef Bob’s dream live on in your stomachs, and come visit his humble shack, chock full of amazing food and even more amazing drinks.