Angel’s Share – New York, New York

If you’re in the Big Apple, you might be a little overwhelmed at where to go for dining or entertainment. Restaurants and bars surround you, thousands of them, of all types. How does a Speakeasy sound? No, it’s not actually illegal – but it does have a dark, retro feel that provides a pretty great ambiance when you’re looking for some unique and upscale fun by the bar.

Japanese Restaurant? Or Bar?

A quick search online will show that Angel’s Share is a Japanese restaurant. Don’t be fooled – there’s no restaurant to be found, even though there’s a sign on the door that leads you to believe you’re going to be dining at Village Yokocho. It’s all a part of the facade that’s really just a throwback to Prohibition, when facilities like this really did exist as illegal establishments for serving alcohol.

Upon arriving at the Japanese restaurant, you’ll walk inside and up some stairs, and come to approach an unmarked and nondescript door – go inside, and you’ve reached your destination: a quiet, swanky and romantic cocktail bar with an extensive menu of drink options.

Though finding the place may be difficult for those unfamiliar with the concept of a speakeasy, once you get in, you’ll be glad you’re there. Prepare to stand, unless you’re in a group of four or less – as such an intimate setting only really accommodates the more intimate groups. In other words… if you’re looking for anything less than a quiet jazz club with upscale drinks and intimate conversation… this may not be your place.

The Bar

Drinks are clearly the main event for the speakeasy, and the menu boasts extensive lists and options that range in price but are generally on the higher end, price-wise. Make no mistake – you get what you pay for; the beverages are of the highest quality, using only the finest and most natural ingredients available. There are over 10 pages of bourbon, scotch, whiskey, wine and sake, all of which are available as they are or creatively mixed in fine cocktails.

The Food

As a simple rule, don’t come to Angel’s Share hungry, because you won’t find a dinner menu or anything more than a few delicate snacks, most of them of asian origin. For example, among the favorites: sashimi, fried oysters and Japanese sausage. These little plates are great for sharing a small bite with friends over nice conversation and flowing beverages, not for filling you up.


Most reviews online grant Angel’s Share with at least 4 stars, mostly due to ambiance and drink selection. Though service is great, the bartenders notably take on the Prohibition era demeanor, in dress code and attitude; smiles and conversation are lacking, but they’re only playing the part. Cocktails are noted as “unique” and “inventive”. TimeOut notes that it has a “stellar view of Stuyvesant Square and includes one of the city’s best grasshoppers”.

With a unique and intimate speakeasy styled atmosphere and drinks that are well known throughout the city… what person wouldn’t want to check out Angel’s Share?