Ordering Cocktails via Emoji Is a Thing You Can Do Now

I am old school when it comes to ordering drinks. Back when I was a bartender in New York, I was just happy to be able to make drinks that people liked and tipped me for. When I would go to a club I always had my special drink that I would always order, because I wasn’t a big drinker and did not like the hard stuff.

My heart was usually set on some fruity sweet drink with just a dab of alcohol that I couldn’t even taste.  It never occurred to me that it was a big deal to remember the names of what drink you wanted. Over the years, the drinks have gotten even more complicated to make and the titles are even longer, so I guess that’s why ordering cocktails via emoji is a thing you can do now.

What is an emoji?

I guess people have gotten so lazy that even speaking is too much for them, so putting their thoughts in tiny cartoony pictures is easier and uses less energy. Sorry guys but I m not interested in learning the ways of speaking through the tails of emoji to my friends and family. Not going to happen.

For the ones who have not quite caught up with the times, an emoji is a Japanese smiley picture that is used to express emotions. It is not just a smiley face but it has expanded into tiny pictures of all kinds of things that symbolize actions and feelings. It started in Japan and has now spread all the way to America to infect us all.

Have a drink

Boxpark in Shoreditch has now incorporated a new program called Coconut Watering Hole that allows you to order a drink from your phone by using emoji symbols. You can order the cocktails through instagram with the emojis. I am no expert on this idea, but apparently you can order a complicated drink just by grouping a few of those emojis together, and in minutes you will have your drink arrive at your table.

Well, it does save you the trouble of standing around a crowded bar trying to get the bartender’s attention. I rather liked being up close and personal with the cute bartender to watch their skillful hands mix and shake the drinks. It is always entertaining to me, but I guess it is a waste of time for others I see.  If I have peeked your interest in this new phenomenon you can get more info about it at http://editeddaily.com/instagram-emoji-london-pop-up and see how the world is constantly changing to meet everyone’s needs.

Can you imagine the pictures you would use to create a Fuzzy Navel or Sex on the Beach? Sounds like fun to me.