Here is Why You Need a Great Pot Gripper

If we were to ask you why you need a great pot gripper, you would more than likely respond with something to the effect of, “So I don’t drop the pot”. What if we told you there was more to it, than that? What if we told you that a pot gripper should be high up on your priority list of items to splurge on? Would you believe us? Here’s why you should, and here’s why you need a great pot gripper.

Without a Great One, You’ll Burn Your Hand

Newsflash: flames are hot, doesn’t matter if it’s an open flame, or an electric one on the eye of a stove. Either way you look at it, if you stick something cheaply made near a flame, it will heat up. And when you hold the other end of that object, you will get burnt. Plastic will melt, so avoid that. Cheap metal without a flame protectant material will catch heat quickly, so avoid that. The best way to protect your hand from burns is to buy a relatively expensive gripper that claims to stay cool, even in the hottest situations.

Without a Great One, You’ll Scratch Your Pots

It’s a pot gripper, so naturally, it grips your pots, and sometimes not so delicately. For those who have splurged on pots and pans already, the last thing you want is for a cheaply made pot gripper to destroy their coating with it’s clanky metal edges. It looks bad, and wears on good pots. A great pot gripper will have protective grips that won’t melt, but won’t scratch. Invest in a great one to save yourself some misery while you protect your expensive pots.

Without a Great One, You Will Drop the Pot

This is the one that you guessed already! Without a great pot gripper, you will likely drop the pot. Whether it’s because the gripper itself is cheap enough that it comes undone while you’re using it, whether it heats up and you physically let go of the gripper, or whether it melts upon extended contact with a hot pot… it will happen. Get a great one and keep your pots where they should be – attached to the gripper.

With a Great One, You Really Don’t Need Anything Else

Save money on everything else if you get a great pot gripper… you won’t need pot holders, mats, expensive pots with handles, or any kind of heat protectant for you. Make one expensive purchase – buy a great pot gripper that will hold up, and avoid a slew of other purchases that add up over time.

Have we convinced you yet? A great pot gripper really is all you need – whether you’re in your kitchen or at a campsite, it doesn’t matter. It’ll save you money in the future, save you lots of grief and misery (and dropped pots).