Machan Indian Restaurant: Indian Cuisine

Since 2003, Machan Indian Restaurant has been welcoming residents and visitors to Melbourne, Australia to try the best in the world in Indian Cuisine. The key to successful and delectable Indian Cuisine lies in the chef’s ability to blend and utilize fresh, natural ingredients – something that Machan Indian Restaurant takes great pride in, as they source all of their ingredients locally. A regional winner of Australian Good Food & Travel Guide, this restaurant truly serves great, authentic food and has state of the art customer service.


The menu is full of traditional cuisine that you may expect to find in any Indian Restaurant, with some brilliantly clever additions created by chefs and made famous by pleased customers. Popular traditional dishes include mughlai dishes such as kormas and butter chicken and a fine selection of breads, lentils, pulao and biryani, among others. If you’d like to opt for a signature dish that’s well known in the area, try a Tandoori Platter, Samosa, Chicken Kurchan, Malbari or Nilgiri Dish.


A sleek, yet cozy environment will greet you as you walk in to the smells of curries and spices; traditional Indian décor is present to give you a true experience – colored lanterns and gold statues abound. Nestled right in the heart of Melbourne, the location leaves nothing to be desired and is just footsteps away from entertainment, other bars and lounges. A casual walk in is welcome, but the elegant experience of reserved dining is always recommended. The word “machan” means a platform built on a treetop, used for watching animals in wildlife reserves – a serene place from which you experience breathtaking views and events, ones not likely forgotten. Our hope is that your experience at Machan Indian Restaurant will provide you with that same experience, one that goes unmatched in the arena of Indian Cuisine.

Upon just some brief research, you’ll find countless reviews online that rave over the stellar customer service and fine Indian food at Machan. Without question, if you’re in the Melbourne area and interested in the best in Indian cuisine, you and your tastebuds are in for an unforgettably phenomenal cultural experience the second you step foot into Machan Indian Restaurant.