Digital Scale: The Utensil You Didn’t Know You Needed

There are two types of cooks: those who measure, and those who don’t. We all know those who don’t – the success of their meals largely depends on their mood. Feeling a little gutsy? There’s a 50% chance that will pay off. It’s either a flop, or it’s the masterpiece of the century. Another problem – portion control and nutritional information is skewed for those who don’t measure. What’s supposed to be 250 calories per serving is really closer to 450. That’s why if you want to make a name for yourself in the kitchen and remain even remotely healthy with your cooking, a digital scale is key.

Quality and Consistency

The cook who doesn’t measure knocks it out of the park one out of every ten times. Unfortunately, you can’t keep people happy if nine out of ten times, you disappoint. The truth of the matter is that there’s a time to be innovative, but precision and practice are what makes a great cook. Measuring ingredients intentionally on a digital scale and making notes of what works and doesn’t is the best way to lay a great foundation for yourself with cooking, and will keep you consistently cranking out great meals.

Portion Control

You may choose to happily weigh one of two things: your food on a digital scale, or your body on a bathroom scale. Part of the key to living a healthy life lies in portion control. That extra cup of cheese or extra ½ cup of chocolate chips ultimately adds up when you make a habit of it. Your meal just doubled in calories without you even knowing it!  

Tracking Nutritional Value

The vast majority of adult men and women claim to be on some type of diet for a large part of the year. Whether it’s low carb, low protein, or low calorie, having a digital scale will help you stick to that diet without excuse. That heaping mound of flour in your measuring cup may not be exactly what you think it is, so having a digital scale to hold yourself accountable is always a great idea in the kitchen. You’ll see results faster, and be encouraged to keep up your healthy lifestyle.

Though you may not have ever considered a digital scale for your kitchen, you may want to if you find yourself cooking well inconsistently or struggling with diet or portion control.