So Long, Farewell: The Top 10 Food Trends Of 2015

Thanks to social media like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, food trends spread like wildfire these days. There’s no faster way to jump on a popular food bandwagon than to open up your Pinterest feed and browse through what looks great, pinning and re-pinning everything you want to try. If you travel back through what you pinned in 2015, you just may find that all of those foods that you were eyeing either came from or fell into the category of one of the following top 2015 food trends.

Tapas Options:

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Have you noticed that when you look at a menu these days, you have an option that’s usually conveniently located between the appetizers and desserts, in place of where you usually see the word“entree? It may say something like tapas or small plates. Restaurants have caught onto the fact that people don’t want to just sip on a glass of wine while they eat a full meal simultaneously; people want an experience. They want to graze over several menu options, one at a time, while drinking and chatting with friends. Thus, the tapas craze.

How-To Videos:

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They’re all over Facebook and BuzzFeed, and once they start, you can’t stop watching them; they’re the hands-only videos that make semi-complex meals look super easy and convenient all in about a one minute, time manipulated video. It’s a start-to-finish transformation that even the savviest of cooks can’t help but learn from.


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We’re all well aware of the importance of nutrients in fruits and veggies that help us to thrive in a healthy lifestyle, and now we’re all about getting them in the most convenient way possible: via juicing. Most up to date kitchens are equipped with nice juicers that will turn breakfast into the most productive meal of the day, fitting your daily required value of greens, fruits, and other veggies in one drink.

Nut Cheese:

Parmesan cheese and Dorblu on olive wood plate and wine

Many have determined this year that dairy – specifically lactose – is bad for the body in terms of insulin management and blood sugar regulation. For that reason, dairy substitutes are popping up everywhere. One popular one? Nut cheese. Take a nut, like an almond or a cashew, blanche it, and puree it… you’ll get a ricotta like substance that you can’t deny is simply amazing.


Delicious salmon fillet, rich in omega 3 oil

So, the paleo diet didn’t originate as a trend in 2015, but it continues to remain one of the strongest. Why? Health benefits, quite simply. Eliminating grains, legumes, sugars and processed foods (ie – eating like a caveman) is popular for a reason… you’ll actually feel much better after you do it for a while.

No Sugar:

Pile of Sugar Cubes over Wooden Background

If you’re not eliminating all of what you need to go paleo, you may be on the “no sugar” bandwagon. That’s actually a hard one to jump on… sugar is in everything! Many are opting, at the very least, to do a three or four week detox program. It’s another tough step toward better health that will force you to push past sugar withdrawal and addiction toward freedom and a healthier lifestyle.

Gluten Free:

gluten free breads on wood background

Many people know at least a handful of people that promote their gluten free agenda and claim to feel much better having ditched the grain. True, Americanized gluten does cause inflammation in a large number of people; also true – not everyone should eliminate it. Give it a try, just for a few weeks. You may find that you function much better without out, and in that case? Maybe you do have a gluten intolerance. You may find you’re just fine, though.

Eat All the Fats:

Avocado sandwich

Fifteen years ago, doctors warned us that fats (healthy or not) would kill us quickly. Today – healthy fats couldn’t be better for you. “An avocado a day keeps the doctor away” seems to be the latest and greatest motto around.

Starches Stick:iStock_000019936017_Small

Those who are sticking to a purely paleo diet have figured out that potatoes are the way to go in terms of sticking to a diet that eliminates most other carbs. Why? Starches stick! You feel full after you eat even a little bit… it’s a great option for those hungry boys who are only eating meat and veggies, otherwise.

Food Trucks:

Bangkok, Thailand 25 July,2015: People order meal from food trucks at Food Truck Fair in Bangkok.

Have you been to a food truck? Have you at least seen one? Food trucks are all the rage in 2015… convenient “fast” food that pulls up straight to your office parking lot during the lunch rush. Options are endless, food is convenient, good and relatively cheap, and it’s just fun to stand around and eat lobster roll in a parking lot with your friends… right?

Did we hit the nail on the head? Are your beloved food trends along these lines? We can’t wait to see what 2016 holds in terms of food trends!

What were your favorite food trends of 2015?