Terra Grill – Fort Worth, Texas

Believe it or not, Texas isn’t all barbecue and spare ribs. Fort Worth, Texas boasts one of the finest Mediterranean restaurants in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and not a barbecue platter can be found on the menu. For a more eclectic dining experience than what you thought you might find in Texas, venture over to Terra to try one of their Mediterranean inspired dishes!

About the Owners

Terra was founded by brothers Adam and Jalal Chanaa; and quite frankly, it’s not their first rodeo. The Chanaa brothers entered the restaurant industry in the 90’s when they opened up their first Mediterranean eatery in the Dallas area, just miles up the road from Fort Worth. That restaurant, called Ali Baba’s Mediterranean Grill, grew in popularity so much, that the brothers were able to open up two more locations. Today, each location is thriving in the area it was born, and the Chanaa brothers have done it again by moving their experience to Fort Worth and opening Terra Grill.


Terra is known for it’s diverse and unique ingredients from the Mediterranean region that are bold, healthy and delectable when blended just right. The restaurant boasts an eccentric buffet for lunch, with a completely separate dinner menu and options for take out.

Appetizers, soups and salads are plentiful on the menu, with options ranging from traditional Grape leaves or Baba Ghanouj, to Mediterranean and Greek salads.

Entrees include options for different kinds of gyros, roasted meats, lamb chops, all kinds of kabobs, and wonderful sides to accompany each. Their pita bread is notably warm and doughy, the perfect accompaniment for their lentil soup or tabouli salad. Entree prices typically hover in the mid-teen dollar range, keeping the fresh, natural ingredients pleasantly affordable.


Their history in the restaurant industry says a lot, though sometimes we want to hear more from customers and critics. Without question, individual customer reviews online rave about the food and service – the uniqueness and freshness in quality are among the top statements. The Dallas Observer stated it’s the “Best Mediterranean Food”, and D Magazine said it’s, “Delicious Middle Eastern far. You won’t find better tabbouleh or falafel.”

The next time you find yourself outside of the Texas capital city near the town of Fort Worth, stop in to Terra Grill to try some of the best Mediterranean food around.