Noodles 102 – Providence Rhode Island

The capital city of Rhode Island houses a relatively new, but already well established Asian noodle house, called Noodles 102. It sits right in the heart of Providence, on Ives Street, and boasts fantastic food at great prices. Noodle Houses, in general, started as a staple in Chinese culture about 1000 years ago. Over the years, it’s popularity as a way for people cheap and healthy meals relatively quickly has made its way across the world and to the United States.

A Simple Menu

Part of the appeal of Noodles 102 lies in the simplicity of their menu – one doesn’t get caught up in too many choices, or confused at options to consider. Ingredients are straight forward and paired well to make selection minimally extensive.

After the portion of the menu that lists starters and salads, there are two main parts to the menu: noodles and clay pot rice. Each part lists the specific types of noodles or rice you may choose, toppings that are available for that portion, as well as a list of sauces you may select to accompany. Toppings typically include beef, chicken, shrimp or a vegetable.

Among the favorites on the menu are pork dumplings and vegetarian dumplings, which are of great size and can be pan-fried, or steamed for a healthier option.

Noodle and Clay Pot meals start around $10, making this experience perfect for a cheap day or night out in a relaxed, intimate and contemporary atmosphere. Not interested in dining in? Feel free to order take out.

Reviews and Customer Testimonials

Food, price, service and cleanliness all get rave reviews just based on a quick search online. One customer stated, “Food is excellent, service is great, and it is very clean!” Another, “Best asian restaurant on the east side. Simply, fresh, and delicious.” The ambiance has also been praised for being cozy, intimate, and generally “awesome”.

Finding a review that’s less than 4.5 stars anywhere online, whether on Yahoo, yelp, google, grub hub, or Trip Advisor? Near impossible. The only thing left to do in this circumstance is trust your gut (and the rave reviews) and check it out yourself the next time you find yourself in the great state of Rhode Island.