Florence’s Number One Piazza For Incredible Dining

Right in the middle of the romantic city of Florence lies a lively square of cafes, dining and entertainment that attracts people from all over the world. The square, or piazza, as it’s known there, is lined with cafes, bars and restaurants that serve to enrich the notably laid-back Italian culture that we all know and admire.
It doesn’t get much better as you mosey through the streets of Florence than finding a single spot that houses all of your favorite things in one little square that’s tucked away amidst sheer beauty. The Piazza Santo Spirito is located just down the street from the Santa Trinita Bridge which spans the Amo River, and is a very old yet vibrant location for locals and those savvy tourists who aim to find the quiet, local spots. Other than cafes, bars and restaurants, there’s a quiet outdoor market that’s full of fresh produce and antiques, a historically grandiose Basilica of Santo Spirito, and plenty of stores for leisurely local shopping.

Fine Dining

The Gusta Brothers have three restaurants in the square which offer some of the best in Italian cuisine: Gusta Osteria, Gusta Panino and Gusta Pizza. If you’re looking for something a little less expensive, maybe a little more casual, but just as authentic, Trattoria La Casalinga is perfect.

Bars and Cafes

The Piazza is dotted with wine and coffee cafes that spill out onto the old stone walkways; perfect for enjoy an authentic Italian glass of wine while watching locals and other people interact in the marketplace. Service is wonderful, though there aren’t as many who speak English since this side of the Santa Trinita is more for locals – artists, students, artisans and frequenters of the neighborhood from nearby.

Needless to say, if you can navigate your way away from the bulk of the locals and feel confident enough with your Italian tongue to drum up a little conversation, the Piazza Santo Spirito is an unquestionable diamond in the rough – the rough being the well known, overcrowded, touristy spots.

Have you visited Piazza Santo Spirito?