Paris Restaurants Set To Reopen After Terrorist Attacks

“They may have guns… we have champagne!” was Charlie Hebdo’s response to the horrific terror attacks that took place in France last month. This statement says so much about the resilience of the French people, and the local businesses. Another statement that proves just as much? The Paris restaurants that were targeted in said attacks are reopening.

According to The Local, Cafe Bonne Biere opened its doors today, after being closed for nearly a month. And right around the corner from the establishment, another, Le Carillon bar, has plans to open its doors on December 10.

The Cambodian restaurant Le Petit Cambodge, where 15 people were killed the night of November 13, also said it will reopen. Quartz reports it could happen as soon as the New Year. “Le Petit Cambodge will reopen, because for every one of us life must go on, but also by respect for the customers who that night were at the restaurant. [Not to] reopen it would give in and concede a victory which will never be gained,” the eatery wrote on its Facebook page.

Many users have shown support for the reopening of the restaurants, including one person who wrote in French on Facebook, that nothing will keep her away from her favorite spots to eat. “We were there an hour before that day, and we’ll come back to eat and order of Bo Buns because we love the Little Cambodia.  Life must continue despite our wounds and our sadness that will remain for life, good luck to you, all our thoughts are with you.”

Just another reason why Paris truly is the city of love.

Have you visited these Paris restaurants in the past?