Chef Jose Andres Opens Up About Legal Battle With Trump

Spanish chef Jose Andres has taken on a lot of American problems: food waste, big portions, innutritious foods, and now Donald Trump.

Andres was set to open a restaurant in a Trump-owned hotel in Washington, D.C., but after hearing Trump’s comments regarding the Latino community, the chef decided to pull out of the deal. “It was a way of saying ‘I am with those immigrants,'” Andres told EFE in an interview in Miami, Florida, adding “there is a need to respond to any threat or any person who wishes to destabilize society.”

Of course, Trump isn’t too happy about the deal going sour, and has sued Andres for $10 million for breach of contract. The chef, who is credited with bringing small portions to America, countersued claiming it would be impossible to hire anyone at the restaurant because of Trump’s comments.

The case is currently in court, and it will be interesting to see how politics plays into the restaurant game.

For now, we don’t think Andres has anything to worry about… except for the opening of his New York restaurant, which is scheduled for a summer 2016 date.

Do you think Jose Andres had a right to break out of the deal with Donald Trump?