One Of Europe’s Most Famous Restaurants Is Relocating

You can’t throw clog in Denmark without someone talking about Copenhagen’s most famous restaurant, Noma.

In surprising news, the two-Michelin star restaurant, which has also been dubbed the best restaurant in the world by Restaurant magazine, is set to close in 2016, move to the avant-garde neighborhood Christiania, and reopen in 2017.

The move will allow the restaurant to have its own vegetable farm, which the crew hopes will keep the eatery relevant for years to come. “Restaurants tend to freeze, so if Noma wants to have 15 really good years ahead, then Rene needs to challenge himself,” co-owner Claus Meyer told the Associated Press in an email.

With René Redzepi as head chef, the relocation should only work wonders for the Nordic restaurant. According to the Associated Press, the new menu will change with the seasons, and will use produce that has been grown on the farm.

As anyone who has ever visited Noma knows, the molecular gastronomy style that Redzepi has honed since opening Noma in 2003, isn’t going anywhere — even if the restaurant is.


Have you visited Noma?