King’s Hawaiian Bread Stuffing Is Selling Out… FAST

There are many things in this world that sell out fast: designer clothes, fancy gadgets, and stuffing… apparently.

King’s Hawaiian Bread stuffing just launched in time for the holiday season, and people are going crazy for it.

The makers of the classic sweet rolls we love, which happen to be the #1 brand-name dinner roll in the United States, decided to launch the stuffing version of its bread for a limited time. According to King’s Hawaiian’s website, the first batch has already sold out online. “The response to our new Classic Stuffing has been amazing. We sold out our first batch but will have more to ship by Tuesday, Nov. 17. Any orders including stuffing will be held to ship when the stuffing is available. Thanks for your enthusiasm!”

Can you blame people? The recipe to go with the stuffing mix is so simple. All it takes is the mix, 1/2 cup of butter, 1 cup of onion and 1 1/4 cup of broth. There’s also a poultry version for you meat lovers to check out.

If you live close to one of the select locations that are selling the stuffing, we suggest you buy in bulk because we’re pretty sure we’ll be seeing it on eBay with a hefty price tag soon…

Are you going to try to get your hands on King’s Hawaiian stuffing mix?