Never-Burn Sauce Pot What You’ve Always Needed In Your Kitchen

Tired of food burning and sticking and hours spent soaking or scrubbing stuck on food? Me too. I think you are going to like this, though.

So we can build a space ship that won’t burn up on re-entry but not a pan that won’t burn the tomato sauce? That hardly seems right, does it? There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of pots on the market but is there one that won’t burn or stick even if you don’t stir it? Yes, there is.

Chefs Never-Burn Sauce Pot

This sauce pot keeps sauces, chili, soup, and more foods scorch and burn free. This pot is the culmination of an Italian home chef’s years of research into cookware that will turn out perfect sauces every time.

This pot is made of commercial-grade stainless steel on the sides with a seven-layer bottom created with alternating layers of aluminum and steel. The magic is an airtight cavity of silicone oil that works as a double boiler and distributes heat evenly to prevent burning and hot spots. Even thick sauces like marinara and Alfredo cook perfectly with no stirring and no scorching.

This pot has measurements in quarts and cups stamped on the inside wall of the pot to make measuring easier without an extra step. The construction of the pot’s high sides and domed lid helps keep spatters from getting on the stove and counter. This pot does more than prevent burning and splatters; it has been created from concept to finished product to be easy to use and convenient.

The glass top fits tightly on the pot and the built-in vents keep the contents from bubbling over and the steel handle is designed to be easy to grasp and lift even when wearing oven mitts, as are the stainless steel ergonomic handles, both of which are made of stainless steel and riveted on for durability. The pot is recommended for all cook tops, including induction and is dishwasher safe.

The price for one pot does seem high, but reviewers say it’s worth the money. If you buy junk and replace it constantly you will spend this much money, maybe more plus your time and aggravation.  This pot comes in a 7-quart, 11-quart, and 16-quart sizes priced at around $130 for the 7-quart, to over $200 for the 16-quart.

The Never-Burn pot has garnered rave reviews from most users, especially ones who took the product at its word and tested without stirring as advertised. Cooks, who claimed to have burned many sauces in their time, rave about this pot when they are finally able to get that perfect result almost on auto-pilot. Spaghetti sauce and meatballs requiring 4.5 hours cook time and stirring every 15 minutes was cooked without stirring at all as a litmus test with the happy result of perfect sauce with no stirring, no sticking to the pan and easy clean up for the same reason – no sticking to the pan. Many satisfied customers reported loving this pot much they also purchased as gifts for others.

Are you ready to take the Never-Burn challenge?