Multi-Purpose Slicer, A Very Useful Tool For Your Kitchen

If you are a home cook like me, you will know that one of the good things about preparing dishes at home is the fact you can choose fresh ingredients and add more veggies to your family’s diet because most of us don’t get enough of them daily. So that’s great but you also know that chopping the veggies can be very time-consuming. There are lots a slicers/dicers that make that prep work a breeze, and no more fingertip cuts. Ouch!

Kitchen Master Multipurpose Slicer/Dicer

This versatile slicer has three blades, one for slicing, and one for dicing large pieces and one for small pieces. This is also a very safe tool. The lever action handle pushes food through the blades so you never get near the blades when chopping.

The tool is mounted on a storage container so you can cut and store in the same container for convenience, and the slicer comes apart easily so clean-up is a breeze. It can be used for both fruits and vegetables. It makes chopping a breeze and not a chore. Made of heavy-duty plastic it’s durable, and the interchangeable blades make it easy and useful.

Norpro Multi-Purpose Slicer, 5170

If you just need a slicer, this one is durably made of aluminum with stainless steel blades that will make quick work of slicing eggs, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, and other small fruits or vegetables.

It cuts down a lot of the time it takes to slice by hand and it’s safer to use. Unlike some other slicers, this tool has blades not wires so it’s very sturdy and can be used for a lot more foods than eggs, and it is easier to clean, as well. It locks in the closed position so there is no chance of an accidental cut when reaching for something else in the drawer.

Genius Nicer Dicer Plus

This product comes with five blades for a multitude of configurations to not only slice and dice but to slice and dice pretty too. Between the five blades, it will cut in 11 different ways. It includes a blade for cutting wedged shapes as well.

This tool will slice and dice three different size cubes or sticks, and comes with stainless steel blades to make quick work of kitchen chores and comes with a grater blade for cheese. The blades fit in a hinged handle with a food pusher and sits on a storage container to keep the counters cleaner while you work.

There are dozens of ways a multi-purpose slicer/dicer can be used. You can prepare party food in a flash and it makes the presentation look fabulous. Having this on hand during canning and gardening season makes putting up your home grown food much easier because it frees up so much of your time that is usually spent slicing and dicing. The blades all have safety features that enable the kids to help so the whole family can spend quality time in the kitchen cooking together and when you are done, clean up is a breeze.