4 Reasons Why Having a Meat Slicer at Home is a Good Idea

The idea of owning a meat slicer in the home can be a difficult decision for many consumers. Is the investment in the device worth it in the long run? Is the meat slicer more efficient than a sharp knife? If you are still on the fence about purchasing your own meat slicer, consider these 4 reasons why having a meat slicer at home is a good idea.

1. Saving Money on Buying Pre-Sliced Foods

If you are buying food at the deli counter on a regular basis, you are paying extra for the convenience of getting all those cheeses and meats pre-sliced for you. The cost of that convenience is added into the price per pound that you pay for all those foods, and over the course of a year can add up. You will save a significant amount of money slicing those foods yourself, enough to cover the cost of your new slicer in the first year.

2. Buying Roasts and Easily Cutting into Steaks

When you are buying pre-packaged sliced steaks at the grocery store, chances are two packages is just enough for your family. That means you are paying for the slicing and all the packaging materials needed for two packs. This cost adds up each month, unless you own your own meat slicer. Now you have the ability to buy a leg of lamb, then bone it yourself, chill in the freezer, and then slice into steaks. You will wind up saving half the money you spend buying your steaks pre-sliced.

3. Preparing Food to Dehydrate or Freeze

One of the biggest advantages to owning a meat slicer is you can salvage many of the vegetables you grow or purchase during the year for use later on. Growing vegetables in a garden is great for the summer months, but what can you do once winter comes to still enjoy those delicious veggies? With a meat slicer, you can make short work of slicing all those vegetables so they are ready to dehydrate or freeze. Without the meat slicer, you will grow tired fast of slicing and cutting all those vegetables to be able to enjoy them during the winter months.

4. Shaving Foods Wafer Thin

Cutting foods wafer thin with a sharp knife is a challenging and dangerous task for many. The meat slicer makes this process easy, preparing foods so thin they are almost transparent. This is a great way to turn those potatoes into thin potato crisps. Not only is this kitchen appliance great for slicing all your cold cuts as thin as you like, you can add tomatoes and peppers to your sandwiches with ease. No more thick slices of hard cheese for lunch, the family will rave about how thin the cheese looks and tastes.

These 4 reasons why having a meat slicer at home will not only help save you money each year at the grocery store, you will be able to enjoy preparing your foods more easily than working with your assortment of sharp knifes. Not only is this process of slicing safer, it is going to be much easier.

Image Credit: istockphoto.com