Masa Takayama’s Plans For Tribeca Restaurant Have Changed.. BIG Time

Chef and restauranteur Masa Takayama has earned 3-Michelin stars for his incredible sushi restaurant Masa in New York City. So naturally, we were very excited to learn that Takayama was looking to open up a spot in Tribeca.

Plans for Tetsu, which was to be outfitted with a 16-seat sushi bar, have changed… drastically. According to Tribeca Citizen, a community board meeting was held on Monday, and representatives announced that not only is the dining area 1,000 square feet smaller than previously imagined, but the 2,800-square-foot mezzanine, which would be a lounge area for guests, is no longer accessible to customers.

On top of everything, Takayama is going to focus on robata-style of cooking, which dissimilar to barbecuing food. So what’s on the menu? Items like calamari, chicken wings and burgers. There’s even going to breakfast at some point.

But before you grasp your pearls, let’s face it: Masa Takayama is a genius, and you know you’re not about sit down and eat a regular old burger. But, it is true that many of us, and I do mean many, were looking forward his teppanyaki-styled food.

There are few comments from people suggesting that this is going to be an upscale Benihana… let’s hope not.

Are you exited for Masa Takayama’s Tetus restaurant?