Best Bars In NYC With Outdoor Heated Spaces

When it gets cold in New York City, it gets really cold! It’s the time of year where even the locals bundle up to get from place to place, and don’t particularly enjoy being outdoors; unless, of course, they have conversations with friends and an outdoor heated patio to keep them warm. (That second or third drink that warms the face up nicely doesn’t hurt either). Here’s a list of the best heated outdoor spaces in New York City.

Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden

When we say “Beer Garden” we mean, outdoor “Beer Garden” (just like all beer garden’s should be). This venue is actually one of the largest outdoor drinking spots in New York City, and when you factor in the heated space, plethora of beer options, tasty bar eats and the company of your friends… you won’t have a hard time keeping warm at all on even the coldest, sunshiny afternoon.

230 Fifth

Get your drink on from on top of a building with some spectacular views of the city. Do it in the summertime, and then do it again in the wintertime for a completely different experience, and one that’s just as awesome. Two words: private igloo. You’ll have to check it out to see what we mean.

The Delancey

Hoping to catch some live music atop a warm rooftop bar? The Delancey is your spot. The live music is featured on floor one of this venue, and on floor three there’s a lush, rooftop garden and bar where you can enjoy drinks before a show or debrief after it. Patio warmers and a retractable roof keep the atmosphere dry and warm so that you’ll be satisfied to stay and drink until your little heart’s content.

Battery Harris

Head to the artsy Williamsburg district to transport to the beach with this Caribbean inspired menu of food and drinks that can be enjoyed all year long. The patio is heated, the décor is beach-y, and the atmosphere is unmistakable tropical – even if it is only thirty degrees out.

Lock Yard

This spot is located next to a firehouse and offers craft beer of all kinds, and over 1,200 square feet of outdoor space (huge for the Brooklyn area). The draw to this spot is really the beer list – you won’t find cheap, light domestics here. You’ll find around 15 beers on tap, and over 20 different cans to choose from. Heat lamps cover the patio so you can stay warm while you drink your frosty brew.

Going against the grain by drinking outdoors in New York City will keep you away from crowds, and it will also introduce you to some of the coziest outdoor spots in the city.

Which heated outdoor spaces in New York City did we miss?