SenYa Brings A Unique Osaka-Style Sushi To NYC

In New York City, you can pretty much find any type of sushi your heart desires. You can find anything from tuna to abalone (awabi). And now you can find a very rare type of sushi at SenYa in the East Village.

Chef Kenneth Choo is serving up a style of sushi called oshizushi, or pressed sushi, that is created using a special mold that give it a boxed shape. According to the New York Post, the oshizushi at SenYa is made by pressing layered seaweed paper, marinated fish, rice, shiso leaves and other ingredients with the mold. The end result? A beautiful rectangular piece of heaven.

SenYa offers Masaba Battera, Ocean Trout and Ni Anago as pressed options.

Masaba Battera

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It’s important to note that it is very common to see this style of sushi in Osaka, which is where Choo honed his skills, but in New York? It’s pretty rare unless you’re at, say, Kyo Ya. “It’s not well-known yet, but people are curious,” said Choo.

We know we’re definitely curious… heading there… now.

Visit SenYa at 109 First Avenue in the East Village.

Have you tried pressed sushi?