Czech Stop and Little Czech Bakery: Czech Cuisine

The Czech Stop and Little Czech Bakery is a mixture of bakery/deli and convenience store situated in the West city, Texas.

Established in 1983, the store offers conventional Czech cuisine, for instance Kolache, strudels, and klobasnek.

The store, which serves approximately 600 people daily, is a popular stop for travelers along Interstate 35. For more information on the popular store, here are things you should know.


When Bill Polk established the store, it was a combination of a gas station, liquor store, and snack bar. However, Bill closed the liquor store in 1985, turning it into the bakery.

For over 30 years, Czech Stop has promoted the Czech Heritage spirit in the town of West, Texas. Throughout this period, West has hosted the Czech Stop and the adjoining Bakery, where the preparation of kolaches remains the same as it did over a century ago.

The kolache was conventionally popular in Midwestern states comprising Czech populations and is currently enjoying enhanced visibility nationally.

However, these savory or sweet yeast-raised pastries have gained popularity in Texas, where they’re viewed as the quintessential road food. Czech Stop sells kolaches 24/7 as well as gas and the sundries of all convenience stores on the roadside.


During your visit, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy authentic Cuban cuisine. Whether serving travelers off the I-35 interstate or the neighbors, the restaurant takes great pride in offering all customers complete satisfaction.

If you’re traveling on the I-35, you should consider stopping at the bakery. Whether you feel like eating something sweet, savory, or simply need a bite, you can’t go wrong with a bakery item or kolache.

You’ll find that the store serves savory kaloches with sausage, cheese, pulled pork, and pepperoni in addition to fruit, cream cheese, and fruit cream.

Although kolaches are the best menu items, you could also consider a sandtart, turnover, brownie, cream filled cookie, cupcake, or a whole pie.

Once you enter the bakery, the first thing you’ll notice is the smell of fresh, homemade bread. You’ll also find various treats ranging from sausages to spiced nuts.

Although you can access a similar menu from the two sides of the building, Czech Stop isn’t automated, and patrons are keen to wait on the queue because they recognize how delicious the treats are.

Furthermore, they can choose from different kolaches ranging from apricot, peach, and pineapple to cream cheese and pumpkin.


While the restaurant offers shipping services to its clients, it doesn’t ship if the weather is over 50 degrees. This is because the Czech Stop produces fresh products daily.

It’s important to note that they don’t ship frozen bakery products, so the shipment must occur overnight. The pricing of the shipment is dependent on weight and the means of shipment involves UPS.

Bear in mind that refunds don’t apply to orders that don’t meet shipping deadlines because of weather. Shipping also doesn’t occur during the summer months, so customers should adhere to these guidelines before making any orders.

In conclusion, Czech heritage in West, Texas is undeniably popular. So, if you’re in town, ensure you don’t leave until you sample Czech cuisine at the famous Czech stop.