Top 4 Blenders to Own In Your Kitchen

Everyone knows that a blender does its job well in preparing smoothies and other cool beverages. But there is more to this kitchen appliance than a practical tool for making fruit drinks to beat the summer heat. In fact, you can also use a blender in making salsa and soups, particularly when you have a durable and reliable appliance designed to do all these. You may also go for blenders that can grind flaxseed and even make ice creams, so you can prepare more dishes using just this appliance. So, check out these top 4 blenders to own in your kitchen, which are indeed worth your investment.

1. Dash Chef Premium Digital Blender

Equipped with 6 preset functions, this digital blender can process food, make dips and soups, blend smoothies and juice veggies and fruits in seconds. In fact, it may be cheaper than your average blenders, but it outperforms the rest when it comes to its performance and versatility. While it may not exactly be the most silent blender in the market at 94 dB, it is spacious enough and reliable when it comes to preparing beverage, soups and dips. It also comes with a sophisticated exterior that complements your kitchen’s contemporary theme.

2. Wolf Gourmet High-Performance Blender

Another fantastic option when it comes to powerful blenders in the market, this essential kitchen appliance is professional-looking, space-saving and dependable to use. It comes with an easy-to-read LCD timer including several pre-programmed settings that makes food preparation a breeze. This blender can grind coffee beans and puree soup, and there is no assembly necessary for the blade. Clean up is also stress-free since the container can resist tomato sauce stains. Just be sure to handwash the parts since these are not dishwasher-safe.

3. Oster Versa Performance Blender

Capable of handling as much as 8 cups of liquid, this blender comes with a stylish red design and a chic base in red and black. It is great in making creamy milkshakes, tasty smoothies and thick soups. Plus, there is a dial control available, so it is hassle-free to blend contents at the speed you want. This appliance also comes with some additional components include a recipe booklet, food processor bowl, blade and two sport bottles (20 ounces). You will love the amazing features of the blender including manual and automatic pulse, easy on and off for the lid, and user-friendly controls.

4. Blendtec Designer 725

Packed with a powerful motor at 1725 watts, this blender is indeed value for your money. It features an intuitive control panel with a touchscreen that makes it easier for you to prepare soups, smoothies and blended recipes. The blender also features 6 pre-programmed settings, 100 manual speeds, and a sensor that detects issues when blending such as overheating and air pockets. You can use this blender in making margaritas, pureed soups, grinding coffee beans and milkshaes. No assembly is required for the blade, and the controls are easy to use. However, the parts are not dishwasher-safe, so be sure to wash contents manually.

A blender is certainly one of the appliances you should have in your kitchen, considering all the features and benefits it offers. So, take your pick from these 4 highly recommended options and have an easier time making your beverages and soups!


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