Momofuku Ko’s Price Hike Will Make You Do A Double Take

$195 per person? That’s what David Chang will start charging at his Momofuku Ko restaurant in the East Village.

This is the fourth price increase for the American Nouveau restaurant. When it first opened, you could get a meal for $85, then the price went up significantly to $125, and stood there until 2004, when Chang started charging $175. At it’s new set price of $195, the restaurant is holding its own with some of the most expensive restaurants in New York, including Blanca and Eleven Madison Park.

So, why the sudden increase? As you would imagine, it’s quality over anything else. “In the past year, we have dedicated increased resources to finding and working with specialty producers and farmers who believe in quality over quantity. The result, we hope, is better-tasting, more conscionably produced ingredients, prepared for our guests. Momofuku Ko has also expanded our preparation space to include adjacent storefronts — a necessary move for our culinary team to continue to push their menu development further,” a spokesperson told Eater.

Just to break down a little what this would look like for a young couple wanting a night out at Momofuku Ko, it will be roughly $500 for dinner, if you don’t have wine. If you do have wine, it will cost $747. Remember, this is a 2-Michelin Star restaurant, so you’re actually getting what you pay for, let’s just hope your date is worth it.

Would you still go to Momofuku Ko?