Grand Harbour: Chinese Cuisine

Auckland, New Zealand has plenty of Chinese restaurants to choose from. So why is it that Grand Harbour stands above all the rest? Perhaps it is because Grand Harbour has dedicated itself to providing their customers with only the finest, authentic Chinese cuisine in the region. While other Chinese restaurants have given into western flavors and presentations, Grand Harbour has designed their menu so patrons can enjoy the same dishes they would if they were in Hong Kong. Top authentic cuisine with a vast drink menu, a cozy atmosphere and a welcoming staff and you are sure to have the dining experience of a lifetime.

Specialty Menu

While some restaurants have one specialty, Grand Harbour has a whole menu filled with delectable dishes only they can pull off. They have become particularly famous for their duck menu as well as their extensive seafood cuisine which includes all sorts of fish, crab and lobster plates. Their Yum Cha has become particularly popular throughout the community. As soon as a few people had a taste of their steamed, deep fried, sweet and savory Yum Cha they ran and told their friend who told their friend who told their friends and the rest was history.

Now Grand Harbor’s selection of eighty Yum Cha dishes as well as the spicy Dim Sum plates have become one of the most popular things to choose from on the menu. The only way you could Yum Cha of this quality would be to get a plane ticket to Hong Kong. If a world trip isn’t quite in your budget then perhaps it’s time to see what Grand Harbor has in store for you.

The Restaurant

Grand Harbour makes everyone of their guests feel welcome by inviting them into their large and luxurious space. Grand Harbour can hold up to three hundred people at a time so you can bring all of your friends and family and still have no trouble getting seated. If you are visiting Auckland for the first time you can walk to Grand Harbor from your hotel. In fact, Grand Harbor is only a two minute walk from Viaduct Harbour.

Enjoy a leisurely stroll to the restaurant and back after your full with plenty of time to space. Grand Harbour even make their space available to wedding parties and corporate get togethers. With a variety of packages and rates, Grand Harbour is sure to have just the right set up to meet your needs.

The Staff

In order to achieve their authentic Hong Kong flavors, Grand Harbour only employs the very best chefs from around the world. Each chef brings with them a wealth of knowledge in both traditional and cutting edge cuisine. You have the opportunity to experience their skills for yourself with a new menu every three months. At Grand Harbor, there is no chance of ever getting bored as there is always something new to try.