Fine Dining For Fido: Dogs Allowed In NYC Bars & Restaurants

Clearly, New York Governor Cuomo is a dog person…

On Wednesday he announced that sweet pups would be allowed to dine with their owners when eating at outdoor bars and restaurants. The “Dining with Dogs” bill, as it’s so cleverly called, will let dogs lounge on patios, sidewalks and backyard spaces as long as the restaurant permits.

“This action will give restaurants an additional option to boost revenue and grow their businesses by appealing to this new audience of dog-owning New Yorkers and their four-legged friends,” Gov. Cuomo said in a written statement issued Tuesday morning. “By allowing this additional flexibility and by establishing firm health and safety guidelines, this legislation strikes the right balance.”

Of course, there is going to be some controversy surrounding this, after all, there are cat people in the world… and the Health Department, which is arguing that dogs can create health and safety risks. “The Food and Drug Administration recommends that animals be excluded from restaurants as they can create a risk to the health and safety of diners, restaurant workers, and other dogs. We will work to establish rules that will ensure the safety of the public and restaurant patrons,” a statement read.

But let’s focus on the positive, shall we? Not only will this bill increase revenue as Gov. Cuomo said, but it will also hopefully lower the risk of heat stroke that many dogs suffer from when they are left home alone or left in a car while their pet parents grab something to eat.

Of course, there will need to be rules and regulations put in place to keep owners responsible. But that’s all fine print… right now, we’re going to grab our pups and head out to Parnell’s for a drink.

Are you happy about the Dining with Dogs bill by Governor Cuomo?