The Key To Having Pasta In 60 Seconds

Pasta is a well-known easy meal that’s super convenient on nights when you don’t have a lot of time. Even then, with pasta, you feel like you’re racing the clock trying to get your noodles to boil. Well, thanks to our friends at KnowMore.TV, we discovered how you can cook pasta perfectly in under a minute! With some planning ahead, you’ll see that your quick pasta meal just turned into a lightening fast meal prep session in the kitchen. Get out your stop watch after this one, and see just how quick we’re talking!

Prep Your Noodles (The Night Before)…

The night before your hectic day with no time for dinner, plop your noodles down into a bowl of cold water so they’re submerged, and pour about a two teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil in the water with them. Don’t skip the oil, as the noodles will stick together without it! Set the bowl of noodles in the refrigerator before bed, and allow them to stay in over night, as they soften.

Remove the Noodles and Place Them to Boil

Fast forward 18 hours, and you’re frantically trying to prepare dinner before heading out of the house for your kid’s choir concert. Simply remove the noodles from the fridge, which are now likely white but soft in texture. Bring a pot of salted water to a boil, and drop the noodles right down in there. Put a timer on for 60 seconds – in that amount of time, the starches in the pasta will revive and the pasta will return to its normal color. Once that happens, your pasta is done!

Serve with Your Favorite Sauce

The process from there is to proceed as per usual. Strain the water with a colander and allow to drip dry while you prep your favorite pasta sauce. To save even more time, prep your sauce the night before, simple remove from the fridge, heat in the same saucepan your noodles boiled in, and then serve up with your noodles once well heated.

See, you can cook pasta really fast — enjoy!