Time To Invest In A Salad Spinner

Do you enjoy eating your salad greens? Those tasty, scrumptious green leaves are delicious. No one can say no to some fresh and crunchy green leaves. They can go with just about any dish or salad. If you find yourself facing green leaves with excess water on them. Why not use a salad spinner to get the excess water off of them?

How a Salad Spinner Works

At its core, a salad spinner is a kitchen tool that removes the excess water from salad greens. Its important to remove the water from the vegetables because it allows the salad dressing to attach itself better to the green leaves. Ever eaten a salad and the dressing tastes a little watery? That’s due to the water being left inside the salad greens. The extra water can be disastrous for the creamier dressings like vinaigrette.

A salad spinner starts of by pick up speed. The leaves are not bruised in the process. When there is a salad spinner that does not pick up a lot of speed. The leaves have to be dried in it in small amounts. The salad spinner is about the size of a large mixing bowl. A plastic basket goes into another larger mixing bowl. Once the salad greens are washed they’re added to the basket.

Centrifugal force is used to dry the leaves off. As the salad spinner spins it drives the excess water into the exterior bowl. Once the water is collected away from the leaves the water can be dumped out of the bigger bowl into the sink.

Salad Spinners Have Multiple Uses

The bigger bowl of the salad spinner doubles as a salad mixing bowl or as a serving bowl. So, once you’re done drying your salad greens. You can move right on to tossing the leaves into a bigger bowl and mixing them with your favorite salad dressing. It’s easy, convenient, and there’s little to no hassle. You can also choose from a couple of salad spinners if you want too.

There are some salad spinners that are different too. You can choose one that you plug into the wall and it does the work for you. Another one is where you pull a string like a boat motor. You have to be careful about this kind though since if you yank to hard on the string you risk breaking the salad spinner. There are yet other salad spinners where you can hand crank them yourself. If that still is not your style you can even go with a pump action salad spinner where you press a button with the palm of your hand. You let up, lean in again, and repeat.

There are a wide variety of salad spinners to choose from. They are perfect and more efficient at drying salad greens out versus the towel paper method. If you eat salad regularly, the salad spinner is a perfect edition to your kitchen.

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