5 Must Have Utensils for Every Picnic

Is there a better way to enjoying good weather and the company of great people than to go picnicking? To make those special moments memorable and fun filled, it’s important that you pack not just some snacks and drinks but also, healthy and scrumptious food. Other than this, you also need to include a couple of utensils – but mostly the essentials. In case you are wondering what these are, here are the top 5 must have utensils for every picnic:

A good knife

There are lots of reasons why bringing a good knife during a picnic is important. To start with, it can be used in cutting a lot of stuff such as bread, cheese or fruits like the watermelons and apples. Aside from this, it can be used in opening a champagne bottle – hence eliminating the need to carry a cork opener as well as opening cans – especially if you have packed canned food. To save on space, select a knife that can be used in performing different tasks.


Since picnicking doesn’t give enough room for proper dining room etiquette – use of forks and knives, the closest alternative is spoons. This is because a spoon can be used in performing different tasks such as serving food as well as eating. To lighten the weight of the picnic box, it’s wise to bring wooden or plastic spoons instead of the stainless steel ones. Also, remember to pack an extra spoon, just in case you invite a friend over.

Plates and bowls

These two are a must have especially if you intend to serve everyone separately. Just like the spoons, there’s absolutely no need for you to carry heavy and expensive plates. Instead, you can comfortably pack plastic plates that are much lighter in weight and can be disposed after use. Opting to use plastic plates further prevents the possibility of your expensive household plates from breaking.


Since most people go picking during the summer, chances are, you will be consuming a lot of beverages. Mugs will therefore come in handy irrespective of the type of drinks being served. This is because while out there, no one cares about the intended purpose of the mug hence, gives you the right to drink water, soft drinks, beer or wine from a mug. Similarly to the plates and spoons, bringing plastic mugs is easier and hassle free.


To keep your packed food safe i.e. from home to the picnic site, you will be required to pack it in strong enough, clean and safe dishes. You can choose to go for ones that are capable of maintaining the food’s temperatures or, go for the plastic ones which are much lighter and convenient to carry. All the same, you need to make sure that the dishes being chosen are small in size so that they don’t end up taking all the space.

Above all, it’s always a good idea to select foldable utensils so that you can save on space.

Image Credit:  istockphoto.com