Making the Perfect S’mores

Summertime is a great time to camp out with family. One thing we know for sure, no camping trip is complete without making S’mores. And, not just any s’mores, but perfectly made s’mores that crumble in the mouth after being slowly charred over a manmade fire. Despite what you may think, there is a specific strategy involved in making s’mores that often goes overlooked in favor of a quick fix to that sweet tooth you experience after you grill out.

Don’t be over eager in an effort to stuff your face with s’mores as quickly as possible, and miss out on the best tasting s’more you could possibly make. Taking your time is key; but, if you do that and implement the right strategies, you’ll be responsible for the tastiest s’mores ever.

What You Need

1 package of graham crackers
4-5 large hershey bars
1 package of large marshmallows
Wire clothes hangers (one for each person)
1 manmade fire
1 clean, flat surface (such as a picnic table)
Sanitation Wipes
Paper towels

How to Make the Perfect S’mores

Start by building your fire, and making sure that it burns strong for about an hour before you begin making s’mores. Burning the fire for a while before you begin ensures that the coals are good and hot, perfect for slow cooking your marshmallow. To make your s’mores too quickly after building a fire elevates your chances of undercooking or overcooking your marshmallow – something that will devastate the success of your s’mores.

While your fire burns, go ahead and set up your s’more station. Undo your wire clothes hangers, lay them out on the table. Open each package of graham crackers, and go ahead and separate the halves so that they’re ready when you need to grab them quickly. Do the same with your hershey bar – 2-3 squares per s’more is ideal, so go ahead and separate and lay those out. Open your bag of marshmallows and have them easily accessible. Bear in mind that sticky hands will be grasping for ingredients, so the easiest you can make this in advance, the better off you’ll be. Nearby, have wipes, paper towels, and a flashlight accessible, so you don’t have to dig through your stuff to find them when you need them.

Begin by placing 1 marshmallow on the end of your wire hanger. Seek out a hole in the open flame that contains orange burning coals beneath it, where you can let your marshmallow sit without a chance of it catching flame. Exercise some patience, and allow your mallow to slow-roast for 3-5 minutes, until the outside is golden brown. Prepare your graham cracker and chocolate pieces, and prepare to enclose the mallow with each piece and slide off the wire hanger. Your s’more should have a cracker bottom and top, sandwiching together a crispy on the outside-gooey on the inside mallow and chocolate bar that is melting from contact with the mallow. Enjoy your perfectly prepared s’more while it’s still hot!

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