How to Choose the Best Crockpot

Home-cooked meals are always the best, particularly when these are made to perfection. Whether you are preparing a nice meal for the whole family or for several guests, then you need the right cooking equipment that will ensure you of the finest dishes. For instance, a crockpot or slow-cooker is a must-have in every home because it allows you to prepare juicy and tasty meats with that enticing aroma.

Morever, there is no hassle when preparing your dishes in a crockpot because you can just toss ingredients in it, take a rest or go for a walk, and you can just let your slow-cooker do its thing. There is no need to stir or watch your food as it cooks since there is no risk of burning. Most importantly, you can be sure that once you get home, your meal is all set.

Size Matters

If you are looking to buy a crockpot, then you will need to consider the size that suits your needs. Generally, this type of cooking equipment costs about $10 to over $250, depending on the size, brand and material. Nevertheless, they all have the same purpose that sets them apart from other pots in the market – it is capable of cooking food in a low and precise heat while sealing in moisture and heat. When it comes to the size, you have the option to get yourself the smallest size at 2 quarts, which is ideal for personal use. However, you can also buy a very large pot at 8.5 quarts, and this should be enough for a big family or a huge feast. A crockpot with a size that is between 1 and 3 quarts will suffice for one person or a couple. For more than 7 people, you will need an 8-quart crockpot. You may also need a large crockpot if you are planning to cook stews or soups.


There are generally two settings available for the temperature, which is low and high. You may also find a pot that comes with a special setting called “keep warm”, and this is excellent when you want to maintain the right temperature of food as you just leave it on top of the stove before serving. Several new models of crockpots nowadays come with digital controls that can be programmed for your convenience. This is a great feature since you can schedule the time to turn the cooker on or off, as well as your preferred length of time to cook your food. With a digital control, you can expect flexibility, although there are risks of malfunctioning over time.

Bottom Line

There are indeed several aspects to consider when it comes to buying a crockpot for your home. However, the main concept is to be aware of the right size that suits your need, features and setting to enhance your cooking experience and the amount of money you are willing to allot for the cooker you are planning to buy.


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