Gramercy Park’s I Trulli Goes Tipless


Gramercy Park’s i Trulli is the latest restaurant to jump aboard the no tipping bandwagon started by Danny Meyer.

Diners at the 20-year-old Italian restaurant will no be encouraged to tip their waiters. “This is the time to do it because it’s been in the public arena, thanks to Danny,” owner Nicola Marzovilla told Eater by phone. “I think there’s going to be a cascade of people doing this.”

Meyer has plans to raise prices at his 13 restaurants to accommodate the pay increase to his staff, i Trulli however, is adding a 20 percent administrative fee to the bottom of each check.

Not only does the no-tipping policy allow waitstaff to make money regardless of a how busy a restaurant is on any given night, but according to Marzovilla, it creates equality between the front and the back of the house. “The atmosphere in the restaurant tomorrow night will be much better than the atmosphere last night, because everyone will work together as a team,” she said.

Traditionally, this no tipping policy has been seen in high-end restaurants, but with i Trulli jumping on board, we think the whole concept of not tipping is going to take over the restaurant industry.

What do you think of i Trulli’s new no tipping policy?