3 Best Portable Outdoor Grills

If you are off to a nature trip such as camping or picnic, then an outdoor grill is just what you need to cook your meals without any hassles. Whether you plan on making burgers, barbecued meats or grilled veggies, this portable cooking equipment allows you to do all these. It comes with every item you need to cook and prepare grilled recipes in a snap. So, check out these 3 best portable outdoor grills that you should bring along on your next trip.

1. Weber Q 2200

Weber has made a name for itself with its Q line of outdoor grills that are both portable and compact at the same time. Carrying it around is easy because of its relatively lightweight feature at 42 pounds. While it may not be the lightest outdoor grill in the market, you will like the fact that it should not be stressful loading it in the trunk of your car and using it during camping or a day at the beach. Moreover, it is a single-burner grill, which provides 280 square inches of space for cooking.

So, that should be enough to make mouth-watering steaks, burgers and any grilled dishes for the whole family. With its quality and space-saving design, you can count on this outdoor grill by Weber.

For its price at about $250, this grill is indeed a good value. Its shell is made of cast aluminum while the cooking grates are cast iron with heavy porcelain coating. These materials are capable of holding heat well, and you will also like the griddle section for optimum versatility in making pancakes or using this part as a searing plate. Overall, this product is efficient, reliable and reasonably-priced at the same time.

2. Cook-Air Wood Fired Grill

Most portable outdoor grills may not exactly offer you that maximum temperature for grilling, but there are those capable of doing the job just right. For instance, the Cook-Air wood fired grill can reach up to a powerful 1000 degrees Fahrenheit as it features an internal fan, which generates an enormous amount of air blowing towards the burning wood and speeds up combustion. What’s more, since it is a wood-burning grill, it gives your food that smoky flavor for a richer aroma. Packed with numerous components that meet your cooking needs, this grill is certainly a great investment worth your dollar.

3. Cobb Premier Grill

Renowned for its versatility and portability, the Cobb grill provides excellent heating capacity as it runs on 8 charcoal brisquettes for a maximum of 3 hours. There are no issues such as flareups, and it is easy to use and lightweight at the same time. The exterior does not heat up, so even as you cook, it is stress-free to pick the unit up and move it wherever you want. If you are fine with a smaller grill that this unit is (cooking area is less than 12 inches), then it should suffice when you want a lightweight and powerful cooking equipment. Loaded with basic features, this premier grill by Cobb is truly a fine choice.

Choose from these top picks for an outdoor grill and expect to receive the best value you want for your money.


Image Credit:  istockphoto.com