Why Dental Floss Should Be a Kitchen Staple

What’s one thing found in the bathroom that should also be found in the kitchen? No, not your toothbrush – dental floss! It sounds crazy, but it may just say you a whole heap of time, effort and energy when it comes to whipping up some of your best meals. How?

It Slices Things Easily

We’ve all done it… made a picture perfect cake that is gorgeous, only to cut into it with a knife and ruin it. You slice down easy enough, but pulling the knife back up and out is always the part that doesn’t quite “cut it”. Just as quickly as the knife goes in, the crumbs come out and the cake crumbles around the edges. Have you ever tried using dental floss? Simply unwind enough to wrap around your fingers on either side of the cake, and gently and evenly pull downward. When you get to the bottom, just slide the floss out one side – no dreaded upward motion to mess things up! Another food item that floss works well to slice? Cheese! On hard cheeses, it’ll take a little bit of strength, but if you put a line dent in the top of the cheese with a knife, it should slide right down with ease.

It Keeps Meat Together for Even Cooking

Have you ever butterflied a piece of meat, like a leg of lamb? People butterfly meat all the time because it allows them more control when they’re cooking as far as how evenly it cooks. Oftentimes, they’ll wrap it back up with twine to truss it, to help it cook more evenly beyond laying it flat on the pan or grill. Floss is a great substitute for twine because it won’t burn, and it’s significantly cheaper!

It’s Great for Removing Burnt Items Off a Pan or Rack

How often do you burn cookies just enough so that they stick annoyingly to the bottom of a dish or rack? Your only option is to take a spatula and scrape, scrape, scrape until the cookie either crumbles on the plate, or comes up reluctantly, leaving a thin, cookie film behind. Floss is the perfect remedy here, as sliding it up under the cookie slowly and evenly should do the trick! You’ll save your plates, you’ll save your cookies, and you’ll save yourself plenty of time and energy!

The next time you’re wandering the aisles of William Sonoma, wondering what pricey gadget to add to your arsenal that might make your life in the kitchen a little easier… remember dental floss! Head to the nearest grocery store, and make the purchase today.