The Best Leftover Thanksgiving Sandwiches

Everybody knows that the best part about Thanksgiving is the leftovers that you end up with for days afterward. There’s no limit to the scrumptious dishes that you can come up with when you include the lingering turkey, gravy, stuffing and mashed potatoes that were left on your table, and we’ve come up with a few meals that you’ll love – they are the best leftover sandwiches you’ll ever eat!

Toasted Turkey Delight


* 3 slices of whole grain bread (2 of them toasted)
* White turkey meat
* 1 tablespoon leftover gravy
* ¼ cup left over mashed potatoes
* Lettuce


Begin by toasting two of your slices of bread. While your bread is toasting, re-heat your mashed potatoes and your gravy (separately). Prepare your third piece of bread: spread the mashed potatoes evenly across the piece, and then drizzle the gravy overtop. When the bread that is toasting is done, lay one piece on a plate.

On top, pile: the white meat (as much as you’d like), the slice of bread that has the potatoes and gravy on top, a couple pieces of lettuce, and top with the other slice of toasted bread. Enjoy this crunchy, warm sandwich with a moist, gooey interior!

Sweet Potato Mash Sliders


* Leftover rolls, sliced in half
* Spoonfuls of sweet potato casserole, divided
* 1 can black beans (rinsed, drained and pureed)
* Swiss Cheese


Preheat your oven to 350 degrees, and line a baking sheet with non-stick aluminum foil. Next, split open each roll and lay out on the sheet. Pop your leftover sweet potato casserole in the oven to warm up as the oven reheats (it shouldn’t be hot when you pull it out).

While the oven preheats and the potatoes re-heat, drain and rinse your black beans in a colander. Move them to a food processor and puree them until a paste is formed. Remove the sweet potato casserole from the oven, and ensure that it’s not too hot to touch. On your laid out rolls, spread the black bean paste on the top side of the bottom piece, and then scoop a generous helping of the casserole on top. Top the sweet potatoes with swiss cheese, and then place the top side of the roll on that. Once all of the rolls have been formed, gently place in the oven and allow to cook for 10-15 minutes, or until the cheese is melted and the rolls are heated.

The Leftover Stuffing Sandwich Wrap


* Leftover stuffing
* Leftover mashed potatoes
* Leftover white turkey meat
* Leftover gravy
* Leftover green beans
* Whole grain tortilla


Feel free to eat this wrap hot or cold. If you’d like to eat it hot, warm all ingredients separately in the microwave before compiling the wrap; avoid heating the tortilla with ingredients already inside, as this could potentially cause the wrap to become soggy on the outside.

Whether ingredients are cold or hot, simply lay the tortilla flat; spread the mashed potatoes in a thin layer across the entire tortilla. Down the middle, lay the following: a few pieces of white turkey meat (as much as you’d like), a spoonful of stuffing, a handful of green beans, and then drizzle gravy over the top. Gently tuck the bottom side of the tortilla in, and fold it tightly from one side to the other.

We don’t know about you, but these recipes make us want to skip the meal all together and just go straight for the leftover sandwiches!

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Which of these leftover sandwiches will you try?